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Advertising has a strong negative effective on the unhealthy eating habits

Helen L 4 / 5  
Aug 6, 2011   #1
Admittedly advertising has a strong negative effective on the unhealthy eating habits. However, when it comes to the causes of unhealthy eating habits, some other causes should also be taken into consideration; For instance the regular living habit the limit of economy Œthe stress from heavy workload and the like;I maintain that the advertising is a cause of unhealthy eating habits, however it is definitely not the most important one.

First of all, the irregular living habits resulted from the rapid pace of modern life should be put into discussion; Nowadays people have more things to do than ever before, who still have a day of 24 hours; Hence they have to work more efficiently or save time used for other things before to keep the development of the modern life; It seems that saving the eating time or eating more randomly may achieve the goal, which is the main reason of irregular eating habits; As we all know, in order to be healthy, people should obey the normal biological clock---eating, sleeping, exercising at a regular time and level, never too slight or too heavy at sometimes; However, the irregular living habits just run counter to it, which unavoidably leads to the unhealthy eating healty;

As to the unhealthy eating habitsthe economywhich control the level of livingis a must to consider .Now with the development of technologyscientists have cultivated many organic vegetables and pollution-free fruits . In factthe price of organic food is nearly three times as much as that of comment food not everyone could afford them . For examplethese days the price of comment cabbage is 1 yuan per kilogram in the market on the contrarythe organic cabbage is 3.5 yuan per kilogram .So the average people has to buy the vegetables and fruits with pesticides residuewhich do harm to the body.

Apart from those two reasons ,the stress from heavy workload also leads to the unhealthy habits .As we all knowthe modern life is of fierce competition and in fast space. Modern people are busy in work all the day , and they don't have enough time and energy to be paid on each meal . With heavy workloadpeople have to shorten their time cooking, choosing what to eat and eating, in order to spend the saved time on working . Someone even stay in the company day and nightthey don't work regularlyonly eat when it's necessary or when they have time. That's why so many snack bar is rising. A nutrition expert from Tsinghua University has done a surveyand the statistics showed thatonly 24% percent of workers can ensure the quality of foodwhile 76% percent cannot. And 65% percent of them have some degree of the stomach.

As not every advertisement points out the right direction of eating habits, most of which, in fact, are based on the incentive of profit, we has to admit that the drawback of advertising on eating habits exist to some degree; However, it is so unfair to owe all the origin to the advertising after considering the issue comprehensively;

Above all, there are plenty of reasons that led people developing unhealthy habit, advertising is not the most important one, which plays the equal crucial role in resulting in the unhealthy eating habits along with the irregular living schedule, the limit of economy and the excessive workload;

androidman 3 / 4  
Aug 6, 2011   #2
You presented many good statements. however, after completing your essay my brain still repeats several words. I mean you have to avoid repetition of words, and phrases which are given on the question topic as well. I suggest you use synonymic words, namely:

unhealthy - harmful ,
unhealthy eating - eating inordinately, obtaining unacceptable foods
advertising - promoting, publicize
important - significant, essential
eating habits - food habits, food behaviors
also you can use:
eating etiquette,
common eating pattern
eating appropriately

Good luck!

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