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Affect of global warming.

nguyenduycute 1 / -  
Jan 13, 2022   #1

the dilemma of all mankind

Currently, besides the covid 19 pandemic, humanity is still facing the problems of global warming. It is gradually becoming the dilemma of all mankind to solve. This essay will discuss the cause, effects and some possible solutions and what governments and individuals can do to address these problems.

Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of the earth due to an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The reason why this happened is carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation for farmland, wood and paper and the use of chemical fertilizers on croplands, ect. Last year, forest fires frequently occurred in countries around the world such as Australia, Spain and Greece. This threatens the lives and habitat of many many kinds of animals as well as humans. It gives rise to ecosystem imbalance and extinction of some species.This partly shows the serious consequences of global warming.

However, we still have many ways to restrict global warming. First, the government must forbid and severely punish the factories and organizations which dump toxic waste into rivers, lakes or sea. Second, they can encourage citizen to use public transports instead of motorbikes or private vehicles.

Last but not least, one of the most important things to reduce global warming is people's awareness. Individuals have a responsibility to protect the environment and make a contribution to decrease the temperature of the earth by using reusable bags when going shopping instead of using plastic bags to contain food or groceries.

In conclusion, global warming is man-made; therefore, we have to take the responsibility to reduce it to the lowest point. But, the issue can be resolved by everyone in the world and individuals must understand the harmful impact of global warming.
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Jan 13, 2022   #2
Currently, besides the covid 19 pandemic,

The scope of this essay should cover only a general analysis of the provided topic, global warming. This should not include references to other situations such as the pandemic. The writer must restate the prompt as provided. No embellishments, no additional subject references. Avoid restatement alterations as such actions will lower the TA score.

This essay will discuss

The examiner already knows what the instructions for writing the task are. There is absolutely no need to repeat the writing instructions. There will not be any score applied to that section. What he is looking for are references to how well you understood the discussion requirement through your straightforward responses to the questions or writing focus targets. Such a non-answer reference will further reduce the task accuracy score of the first paragraph.

Global warming is the rise

There is no need to define global warming. The writer needs to only provide the valid cause and solution discussion in this essay.

The reason why this happened

Do not list several causes, focus on one or two related causes instead. Remember that you will be scored on the clarity of your explanation and validity of your solution presentation. Do not keep writing just for the sake of writing. The response loses meaning when you do that.

The essay is over discussed. This is only a 4 paragraph essay, not a 5 paragraph representation. Even with the 5 paragraph presentation, the writer has not provided well developed explanations in the parasgraphs. His focus was only on the word count rather than the quality of the explanation and the validity of the responses.

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