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Affect of using modern technology

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Nov 26, 2015   #1
Over-reliance on modern technology means that people are failing to learn, or are forgetting, many basic skills.
To what extent is true? Are people becoming so reliant on modern technology that they are no longer able to do some things without it?

People rely on modern technology. As such, they fail to learn some crucial basic skills as up-to-date technology has created everything to be simplest. While it is true, I believe that sophisticated technology devices have not decreased people's skills since such devices help student to improve basic skills and is used for student in high education. Clearly, automated era forced people operating technology.

Newest technologies have solved many problems to be easier. While people force particular obstacle, they can deal with it faster by using such technologies. Unfortunately, it causes people lost their basic skills due to less practice. For example, even though people over-reliance on satellite navigation (sat nav), they will forget how to read maps. As a result, people end up in strange places because sat nav is not always accurate. Therefore, the modern technology threatens the existence of many important basic skills for human being.

As a matter of fact, there are some counter-arguments against prior statement. Initially, the update technologies guide pupils to learn basic skills. While students need more time to be expert in basic subjects, the technologies can guide them to learn faster. Eventually, such technologies usually are used in high education. On account of this, basic skill will not extinct since they have learnt many base subjects for hours in elementary schools.

From my point of view, people's dependence on the sophisticated technology devices increased significantly since 80 years ago which made them cannot life without such technologies. The reason of this is everything today is automated system. For instance, in Indonesia, presidential election used computer system over 20-year period.

To conclude, people depend on technology. Because of this, while some basic skills are lost since the modern technology has carried out all human needs, I totally argue that such technology do not threaten basic skills as it help people to improve their base subjects and usually it used in senior high schools. Obviously, the sophisticated devices created people over reliance on it duo to automated system today. Where possible, people should keep their basic skills when using newest technology.

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