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Do you agree or disagree with the following comment? Sometimes it is better not to tell the truth.

Aug 11, 2017   #1
Please check for me :) it's my first time writing a TOELF essay.

the truth is always essential

Truth is always important, especially for a relationship between people. However, sometimes it is better not to tell the truth. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

First, being honest or telling the truth may hurt others feeling or make yourself feel nervous and unpleasant about what you did. For example, your friend has just cut her hair and she asks you if she looks good. In your opinion, her hair looks terrible and you are being honest about that. She might not angry with you but it will definitely hurt her feeling. Moreover, doctors often tell lies for patients benefit. The patient who has a serious health problem such as cancer should not know about their situation. Doctors want the patient to enjoy the happiness instead of worrying about death so they lied to give the patient hope. In some cases, it is better to lie about something and lies somehow make people live happier.

Second, it is acceptable for people to lie about personal information such as age, weight and relationship. Everyone has their own privacy and it should be respect by the others. These lies considered harmless so instead of telling the truth, people can lie so that it will not cause any awkward consequences. Furthermore, in some countries, it is rude when a man asks a woman about her age and it is okay if the woman lies about it. It will not hurt or harm to anyone.

Overall, it is true that people should not tell lies because of the negative effects that lie brings. Nevertheless, a lie is acceptable if it is harmless and it does not cause any serious problems. People can tell lies to give others hope and forget about the pain or people tell lies about personal stuff that they think it is necessary.
Aug 11, 2017   #2
Hello, firstly, I just start to practice writing so with me your essay is so good. You use flexibly between simple and academic vocabulary. I studied many useful things through your essay. But I detect one wrong grammar that is: "should be respect by the others" --> "should be respected". That is all my opinion. Thank you!
Holt [Contributor] 1543  
Aug 11, 2017   #3
Thao, grammar issues, which are minimal in consideration, aside, this is a very well thought out and defended essay. You accurately summed up the discussion points that strengthened your position presentation. However, I caution you against trying to present too many sides to the issue in one paragraph. It limits your ability to show off your English thinking skills. It is more important to show off the fact that you can accurately express yourself in English than to show off your knowledge about a certain topic. It is enough to show one reason and discuss that thoroughly because the examiner will get a clearer idea as to the level of English thinking and writing skills that you have. You don't get to successfully do that in this presentation. Good work though. You have the potential to pass the TOEFL with a high rating if you continue to practice and improve your skills in the coming days and months.

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