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Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? Playing games teaches us about life.

Nahid87 12 / 17 7  
May 1, 2016   #1

Are Games Helpful in Learning Life?

Although some people think that playing games doesn't affect children's life, I have a negative attitude. Depending on my personal experience, I strongly believe that, playing games teaches a lot and playing an important role on children's life. I think, it is essential for children to cooperate in the games for preparing for their future lives and being a successful persons. There lines numerous reasons why I agree with this statements. I would explore some primary and important ones. Playing games teaches hard working, being a team member, and some moral behaviors.

The main reason for my propensity is that games teach us that the essential part for being winners in the games are hard working. We cannot win the game without any practicing. They teach us to be persevere if we want to get something in our life. During games, we learn that being winner is not always possible and we should not disappointed when we lose the game. We learn from our failures and know about our weakness. So we solve and strength that points and being professional. That is the exact thing we should do during whole life to be successful person.

Another subtle point about game is that it learns us being a member of a team. During team games such as football, children learn to cooperate in a team work and they learn, the key point of the winning. It is the exactly things that they should do in their future life and professional jobs. For example, in our factory, we do team projects a lot. During these projects, members who didn't experience games in the past are not successful and cannot fit themselves with others. And this example clearly illustrate the effect of the games on the children's personality.

Moreover, games have moral effects on children. They learn that fair play is probably important than winning. For instance, one times, I saw children's games in playground. During the game one of the children fall down and one from the other team threw ball out and helped him. That was so sweat for me. During games, children learn to take on responsibilities. Furthermore, they learn how to interact with others and in this way they became social person which is useful for their future life.

Taking into account all of the factors that I mentioned above, we may reach the conclusion that playing games have obviously effect on children's life. Maybe it can be known as a simulated life which they will struggle with that in the future. They teach children to be industries if they want to be winners and work as part of whole. The behavior training effects, also is another importance of the games.
youe 3 / 3 1  
May 3, 2016   #2
Hi there,
I saw some strange sentences but not sure if they were correct or not.

We cannot win thea game without any practicing
In this sentence, game is general meaning, so we do not use "the" to describe it in specific way except you have already mentioned it before or you are talking about the specific game.

TheyGames teach us to be persevere if we want to get something in our life
I feel that using "they" to describe games is strange....

I hope these advice can help you a little.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
May 3, 2016   #3
Hi Nahid, WELCOME to Essay Forum, this forum is aimed at helping, not only students, but any person who needs the assistance, the guidance and the most constructive criticism you can get from your writing.

May our insights be valuable in your writing and future reference, in general.

Now, I must say, playing games, may it be on the streets, online or in any possible way you can do it, it teaches you valuable lessons in life, lessons that you can carry on, learn, practice and even more so believe , believe that in every corner of life and things we do, there is a lesson, there is life.

Nahid, the essay you wrote is rather smooth, fairly written as it is to be regarded, you are able to showcase the idea and the thought of what you would like your readers to comprehend. I hope this insights help and may you find it valuable to your revision.
OP Nahid87 12 / 17 7  
May 6, 2016   #4
thank you every body for your consideration.. your comments are so useful for me

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