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Do you agree that one should never be judged by their external appearances-fback

look416 3 / 9  
Nov 29, 2009   #1
Do you agree that one should never be judged by their external appearances?
In United States, there are signs of stereotypes among their people and it is the skin colour! As we know, black-skinned guy are referred as evil, hideous guys who have caused many troubles to the society and the white skinned guy are the righteous one who never do such bad things. However, we should never them like that because there is an ancient Chinese sayings, "you will never know the orange is either good or bad unless you peel off the skin".

Nowadays, social crimes are seen everywhere and most of the victims are female. Some believe such phenomena are caused by the loss of morality. To some extent, it is true, but most of the time it is the victim's perception on humans' looking. Victims tend to believe those good looking guy and follow them. Because of this, we can see that most of the criminal are the ones we will never believe they will do such things. On the other hand, we cannot say those bad looking guy must be the one criminal because they are born like that; it is not their will to be like that. Moreover, there are good guys among them too!

Back to those days in United States, black skinned races were discriminated by the whitish. They were symbolized as the source of evil. Even the whitish parents, who discriminated them, instilled a bad perception to their offspring, which is black skinned guys are the one who will do all crimes. They even call the black skinned guys "negro", a word which insult and offend them. However, we will never know who they are before we get to know them in depth. In these days, there is less discrimination towards the black man. There is even a black man president in United States, a breakthrough in United States history. President Barack Obama works so hard for his country, how could we defy his contributions for the United States just because he is a black guy? Unlike United States, Malaysia is a country where has a strong unity among races, despite the skin colour where this had happened decades ago compared to United States! In Malaysia, the citizens will not stay away from you just because you are having different skin colour from them. It is a good value where United States should emulate.

In entertainment industry, celebrities are not as pure as we think of. A female artist who might have pure, innocent and good looking face, might as well as involve in orgy, drugs-taking and smoking. For instance, Vanessa Huygens involves in taking self-nude photo and sending to her boyfriend. We never think she would do that, so like the sayings, "never judge the book by its cover". Even in Asia entertainment industry, such incident did happen. Thousands of Hong Kong female artist's nude photos exposed to the web and most of the female artists are the one we could not imagine of. So, would you really believe them are not doing such things through their pure, innocent looking?

Even in business area, we also cannot judge people by their appearances. We have to aware of people among us, even the best friends. They might betray you by taking your contributions as their own. In addition, just like what happened in most soap opera, the chief executive officer is betrayed by their most trusted men. Why such thing will happen? Maybe they really judge their men by their appearances.

Although we should never judge people by appearances, we also should not only trust in ourselves because we never know someday we might need others help. Nevertheless, we should never judge people by their appearance and drop down our stereotypes and prejudices before we get to know them more deeply.

OP look416 3 / 9  
Dec 1, 2009   #2
push push
Ruah 5 / 14  
Dec 1, 2009   #3
Hi , I can see the beauty in your writing but there are some mistakes
-In United States << In the United States.
-black-skinned guy << guys , and in my opinion it is more formal to say people instead of guys.
-the righteous one who << ones.
-However, we should never them << I think there is a missing word between never and them.

well, I'm not sure if these are all the mistakes , but I hope that's it.
great vocabulary .
wish you the best :)

OP look416 3 / 9  
Dec 1, 2009   #4
thanks Ruah
indeed I missed one word there, it is the word depise

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