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Agree or disagree :People will spend less time on cooking in the future.(for TOEFL)

chxz1020 5 / 14  
Aug 28, 2011   #1
If we take a look at the human history, we will find out that humans started cooking millions of years ago.At first,cooking was only for survival. Nonetheless, as time went by, cooking transformed into a kind of art. Outstanding cooks are willing to devote their lives to cooking now and then. However, things are different among ordinary people. In modern society, most people are too busy to cook. I think people will spend less time on cooking in the future for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that fast food restaurants can provide people with quick meals. Nowadays, many white-collar worker only have one hour to have lunch during weeks days, so it is impossible for them to go home and cook their for themselves. Therefore, most people go to fast food restaurant like KFC and Subway to buy quick meals. This kind of restaurants can be seen almost everywhere and it is very convenient for busy workers. In the future, fast food will be even more popular than right now, because with the rapid development of the society, people will have more competitions and suffer from much more pressure. Therefore, people will need to spend as much time as they can on their careers and save time by eating fast food. As a result, the time that was supposed to spend on cooking will be spent on job. Besides, fast food provide people enough energy and there is no need for people to cook.

The second reason is that cooking machines are improving,and in the future, cooking machines will be able to cook on their own and people only need to put in the ingredients and press the button.My mother has a porridge machine that can cook different kinds of porridges.Whenever my mother wants to cook us porridge, she only needs to put in rice, water and other ingredients,and press the button to choose which kind of the porridges does she want,and then she is free to do anything.The machine will cook on its own and turn itself off when the porridge is done. Before we bought the machine,my mother used to spend hours to make one pot of porridge because she worried that it might go wrong or cause fire. With the machine's help, porridges are extreme easy to make and my mother spends less time on cooking since then.Therefore, with updated cooking machine, people will spend less time on cooking.

Fast food prevalence and cooking machines' development make people spend less time on cooking.In the future, people are going to spend more time on more important things and trivial things like cooking meals on their own will take less time.

ladybee25 - / 3  
Aug 28, 2011   #2

i agree and disagree,but at the same time.alot of people will be obese and very sick, alot of people will die of heart attact & stroke due to the unhealthy food they eat out there.therefore i believe we should have a good traditional healthy well cooked food at our homes and not on the streets...thx :)
hvthoteen 16 / 44 4  
Aug 28, 2011   #3
Give some information on your "2 reasons" in the first paragraph. It would be easier for readers to follow your writing :d

"cook their for themselves"--> cook for themselves

"go to fast food restaurant" --> restaurants ( i think this is merely a typing mistake :d )

"than right now, because with" --> using a comma here seems wrong

"spent on job" --> spent on jobs

"fast food provide people enough energy and there is no need for people to cook."
--> fast food provides people with enough energy, therefore, it is likely that there is no need for people to cook ( i think you should not assert your idea greatly like that :d )

"are improving" --> are being improved

"spend hours to make " --> making

"extreme easy" --> extremely easy

"with updated cooking machine" --> with modern cooking machines

i think your ideas and structure are good, but there are several grammar mistakes :d
OP chxz1020 5 / 14  
Aug 28, 2011   #4
Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!I always can't identify grammar mistakes,so I really appreciate your help!!!Thanks!!!

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