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Short essay about air pollution

chlorof4 1 / 1  
Dec 21, 2011   #1
Air pollution is a big problem that must facing by many countries all over the world. Especially for advance country. The air pollution problem often happen in capital city like Mexico City, Bangkok , New York even Jakarta .

22 september 2O11 will be an opportunity to find another way for just one day to get around town, leave the car at home and walk,take a bus,train or cycle around town. All this is to help highlight the pollution caused by cars,not just fumes but the whole cycle of waste and disruption,the noise, delayed journeys, the whole human misery caused by traffic congestion and car pollution. Almost 4O% of the transport sector's CO2 emissions are produced by the use of private cars in cities.

The air pollution causes by vehicles gases,ciggaretes smoke,factories gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc. but the worst is vehicles gases because several city with the worst air pollution,polluted the air by vehicles gases and the secondly is by factories gases.

Air pollution cause the biggest problem. Such as the air quality in capital city getting worse,there is so many smoke,gases, carbon monoxide [CO], and carbon dioxide [CO2] that can make people sick. Kind of disease that cause by air pollution such as asthmatic,pneumonia, tuberculosis,influenza, etc. it can happen because the emission of vehicles gases too high. Dust and smoke make germs spread faster.

The consequence of air pollution problems in capital city getting worst. Several capital city from all over the world doing the car free day. First it just apply in a few advance country and city with the worst air pollution, but the capital city of developing countries also begin to apply it.

Car Free Day usually do once a week on weekend or Sunday. Government expected with this program .it can discharged the extra global warming gases into the atmosphere. On car free day people usually do some activities like sport or do some hobbies. Car free day excecute on the main road that usually always crowd. The governments also do some programs like bike every Sunday or we used to call that 'bike to nature'.

Although car free day programs often excecute but in fact the air pollution was not getting better, instead more increase than before. It is because there is so many motor vehicles Plied the city road. The public transportation also make the problem of pollution getting worse. It prove that car free day program is not effective.

Actually people happy with car free day programs. They are also participate in this program. Several of them go to work with the public transportation but they also sometimes use their private vehicles. Of course, this habbit can discharged air pollution, even it's slowly.

Except doing the car free day program government should do another way and find another solution for discharged the atmosphere from the air pollution which is getting worse.If we see the result from the car free day program. We can say that car free day program is fail or unless. There are so many thing that government must do like puts forward that all motor vehicles must be checked regularly. The city council propose to achieve that not only by making regular emission checks compulsory, but by banning from the streets all public transportation vehicles older than 1O years and private cars older than 15 years.

i'm a newcomer . please help me with my compisition,.. i need your help ,,.
comments please !..

Thank you

Dec 21, 2011   #2
First it just apply in a few advance country and city with the worst air pollution, but the capital city(cities not city) of developing countries also begin to apply it.

make clear your thought.word "It" for what???which thing?Several(many of them,not several of them) of them go
stellastella 18 / 25  
Dec 23, 2011   #3
Especially for advance country--> development country
happen in capital city--> capital
All this is to help highlight the --> All these are helpful to highlight
The air pollution causes by vehicles gases,ciggaretes--> cigarette smoke,factories gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide etc.
Avoid etc in academic writing.
but the worst-->B ut the
phuongthao15389 4 / 9  
Dec 23, 2011   #4
Dear Anis,
First of all, I am not sure your writing is stick to question's requirement . I think you get off the topic. read question again and restruture your writing.

Secondly, There are many serious mistakes in your writing. You didnot paying attention to your grammar such as V-ing after preposition or near future, or relative clauses. You also made many repitition only in using word but also in ideas.

Practice more.

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