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Air pollution and emission - Writing- Ielts- task 1- line graph

lethithuhuong 1 / 1  
Jan 6, 2019   #1
Hi everyone! I'm a new member. I'm practicing for ielts but my english is not really good. If you are not busy, please help me find out some mistakes that I have made, thanks for all.

uk air pollutants between 1990 and 2005

My writing:
The diagram gives information on three sources which cause the air pollution in the United Kingdom between 1990 and 2005.
It is clear from the graph that there was a downward trend in the total air pollutant in the UK in 15-year-period. Besides, the amount of emission from industry is bigger than that of household and transport through the period shown .

In 1990, there was 7 million tons of air pollutant which are produced in this country. Industry became the main source with about 5.5 tons. The figure for emission from the household and transportation are the same with about 0.9 tons. From 1990 to 1996, while the amount of air pollutant from transport was unchanged and from households decrease slightly, that of industry went into free fall to 3 tons. As a result, the total air pollutant rocket by 2 tons.

From 1996 to 2005, air pollutant from industry and households continued decline while that of transport increase slightly. In 2005, households hardly produced air pollutant. Industry accounted for 2 million tons of air pollutant, doubled the figure for transport.

StevenSameh1512 8 / 21  
Jan 6, 2019   #2
Hi, this is great essay you illustrated the graph very well. But just little mistakes in the grammer:
"bigger than that of household and transport" This noun is missing a determiner before it. just like "the".
"tons of air pollutant which are " I think here you mean pollutants instead of pollutant to be consistent with the verb to be "are".
"continued decline while" This noun is missing a determiner. Like "a" or "the".
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,844 4176  
Jan 7, 2019   #3
Le, I can understand that with only 20 minutes to write this essay, you would be rushed in presenting all of the required information. With that said, it is still of the utmost importance that you properly identify that sort of image was presented for review in the summary overview. You must identify the type of illustration and also indicate the discussion points, based on the items provided in the graph to fulfill the TA requirements properly. You only have a partially representative summary overview at this point which will lower your scoring consideration in the TA aspect.

Do not use words such as "Besides" in this essay as the word connotes information that is not important but has to presented anyway. All of the information in the graph is important and should be noted. Therefore, a straightforward presentation of the information would be best, without room for question regarding the relevance of the information presented.
OP lethithuhuong 1 / 1  
Jan 8, 2019   #4
Thanks so much for your feedback. It is really helpful for me

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