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Does air travel creates a great deal of pollution and consumes resources?

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Oct 12, 2010   #1
I am going to take my IELTS test two weeks later and I really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Some people think that air travel creates a great deal of pollution and consumes a considerable amount of fuel resources. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Give reasons and examples from your own personal experience.

In today's world many people consider visiting different places during their vacation as a valuable and exciting experience of life. Due to lack of time and to have a luxurious feeling many consider traveling by air to other means of transport. However, it is believed such transportation causes extreme pollution and also uses a large amount of resources available. This essay emphasizes on some of the facts associated with air travel.

Firstly, the pollution caused by the flights is more than double as compared to other modes of transport available. Because of the use of natural resources as fuel a huge amount of carbon dioxide is released into the air which pollutes it. Not only the air pollution, flights also cause noise pollution which possibly affects the birds more than anyone else.

Secondly, the quantity of fuel required by the flights is very high. As the number of people traveling increase, the number of flights carrying them will be more and so does the resources required. By the use of these natural resources a day might come when there are no fuel resources for the air travel. Therefore, various nations are researching for the fuel resources which may not fall short in the future and also cause less pollution.

On the other hand, though air travel has a number of disadvantages, the advantages are much more significant. The traveling time is 10 times less than other modes, which is extremely important in the modern era.

In the nutshell, traveling by air is believed pollute the atmosphere and also consumes high amount of resources. It is agreed that the above statement is justified. On the other hand it also has a number of advantages which outweighs these disadvantages. Further, people usually neglect these demerits and the number of air travelers will certainly rise in the future.
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Oct 12, 2010   #2
Hi-I am going to take my IELTS in 2 weeks too. It is a tricky topic,this one,isn't it? All I can tell about your essay that it seems you did not state clearly your position there.
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Oct 12, 2010   #3
Thank u Lena

Yeah actually many such tricky topics and don't really understand how to write.
I will try and improve on that. Could u suggest me any web site to improve the academic writing skills?
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Oct 12, 2010   #4
Try this one-you can download a lot of free e-books such as Cambridge IELTS Practice tests etc: englishtips.org/exam_materials/ielts/

Maybe something usefull here: ielts-blog.com/ielts-writing-samples/ielts-essay-samples-of-band-8/

I also got a e-book "Target band 7"- there are some useful suggestions.

All of those are good until you get a topic like that you tried to write today. I am confused too and cannot get my thoughts organized! :((

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