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'Aladdin's lamp antique aroma' - Do memories hinder or help people?

Jan 16, 2011   #1
The January SAT test is coming, and I really need your help! Thanks! :)

Do memories hinder or help people to learn from the past and succeed in the present?

Our country teaches history in the schools, while some writers organize biographies with famous names and rarely known anecdotes printed on them. The past records both sweetness and bitterness, from nationwide to personal, to delineate truths and values in the almanac.

None of any Chinese will forget the humiliating time of the Sino-Japanese War. During that eight-year bestial period, the whole land of China was crowded with slaughter, rape, bully and taunt. Never could a pregnant woman or an innocent child be granted a charity to escape from the evil cruelty. On the street crawled helpless people waiting for the deprivation of their last breath, and the ownership to become one of the cadavers. Living in the sedate harmony nowadays, hardly could we imagine these dread ages ago, but we learn much from that certain part of history: only strong men is capable of embracing his destiny. If we desire to stand firmly on the world, we have to develop our homeland by releasing actions on military, politics, technology, education and so on. God will not reach out an olive branch to us until we are determined to guard our state. To our pride, we have united to nurture the young but energy People Republic of China and have exhibited our brilliant achievement to the world, via the stage of Beijing Olympic Games 2008, Shanghai Expo 2010 and Guangzhou Asian Games 2010, for instance. Moreover, not only we but also the outsiders of the war have come to touch the brittleness of life and realize the importance of peace. We should cheer for our insights from yesterdays indeed.

For myself, I always appreciate my memories of the school life, which almost alter my life. When I was in the Senior One, I preferred walking alone to prattling alone the way with buddies. There was no need for me to be accompanied with or even to send an invitation to befriend anybody. I enjoyed the feeling of isolation. Time is flowing. I gradually found that I was not so much self-help as supercilious. Other students were all jovial and elated playing and sharing together, leaving me in a silently chilly corner excluded from an ocean of memorable campus life moments. Then I came to change and join activities with my classmates. They had been mad witches in my heart, but they were actually singing goats on a green pure meadow. Nowadays, I can also 'sing' gracefully and joyfully in this team, as these fellows treat me as a true friend, as rather, a perpetual member of this big family. Instead of achieving a smart score in the exam by myself as usual, I now lead the whole class to be the top one in the school.

Every time when we flip the tales of wither the nation or ourselves, we smell the antique aroma, just as we rub the Aladdin's lamp from which blows out a genie with wishes.

Jan 16, 2011   #2
Awesome essay! The lines " they had been mad witches.... " is truly beautiful.
However, not sure how the the closing line of your essay matches the topic of your essay. It is a beautiful sentence in itself, just dont think it has any relevance here. Perhaps you can elaborate it & end with another wonderful sentence.

Jan 17, 2011   #3
Oh! In my last sentence, I intended to arouse a sense with a metaphor. I mean, when we open the books of history, we would be inspired and help ourselves in the future.
Jan 17, 2011   #4
Then it makes sense that you use this line as your closing statement. Well, you see my point is that your essay should be self explanatory- you wont get another chance to explain to someone about what you actually meant.

I feel the rest of your essay talks about history & future so meaningfully and worded so well , and then the last line kind of ends it a bit too abruptly.

Maybe you can just add another line or two emphasising your point of view & close your essay. And am sure that would leave a lasting impression on whoever is reading it.

Give it a thought.
Jan 17, 2011   #5
Thank you. I consider that I should state clearly at the beginning in my conclusion and leave a space for the readers with my original closing sentence!

Thank you so much!!! :)

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