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Allowing to visibly carry a gun in public places

danghaneh 1 / -  
Nov 21, 2021   #1

Individuals should not be allowed to carry guns as it increases crime and violence in society

There are twenty states in the USA which does not require permits for the open concealed carry of firearms. Therefore, many people think that citizens should be allow to visibly carry a gun in public places, but I do not agree with this idea.

The enforcement of this law increasingly popular in USA. However, I witnessed more disadvantages of open carry than advantages. Reason being is because the management authority encouter difficulty in managing criminals.This is a ideal opportunity for terrorists carry out massacre by firearms. A number of observational examples show that they bring this weapon and blend in with the crowd at the train station or square easily without being suspected or checking. As a result, dozens or even hundreds of incident people have died from such shootings.

Some might claim that open carry help citizens defend ourselves against dangerous person. An criminal could break into your home and may threaten your life. If you have a gun, all you have to do is shoot the intruder thus saving your family. Howerver, carrying a firearms in fact put you in danger. Accidents can happen to you if you use it incorrectly. Considering most people that carry a pistol open do not train in weapon retention or any hand to hand combat. You might even turn into a target of police officers. For instance, although, North Carolina is an open carry state, Keith Lamont, who a black man, was killed by policeman in Charlotte after he refused repeated orders to drop a handgun. We would not be able to predict all the bad things that happen to us when we visibly carrying a firearm.

In conclusion, on the grounds that open carry is a threat to public safety, the govements and authorities should manage gun ownership of people together. Moreover, prohibiting open carry is neccessary for all countries around the world.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,666 4113  
Nov 22, 2021   #2
I do not agree with this idea

Why? The discussion response is complete, but the thesis outline is messing. Clue in the reader as to your reasons, which will be expanded over 2 paragraphs. The outlined response will add to the task accuracy considerations.

Use connecting words to create sentence clarity. Several sentence miss-out on the use of "is " and "a", which affect the idea presentation in the sentence. This led to confusing statements being made in the paragraphs. connecting word usage is of the utmost importance in essay writing. Always use these reference work or risk sizeable GRA score reductions.

The writer presents a series of valid discussion points that are easy to understand. However, sentence structure and spelling errors will negatively affect the final score.

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