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Almost a half of the Fairmont Island disbenefits come from high cost living

Lita27 16 / 21 2  
Apr 3, 2016   #1
An illustration of the majority of benefits and drawbacks of Fairmont Island, in regards with visitors' examining, is presented in the two pie charts. Overall, it can be noticed that almost a half of disbenefits come from high cost living, while basically, the land-dwellers contributes to the advantages the most.

Looking at the demerits of the Fairmont island, expensive living expenses account for 45%, followed by the amusement that the island gives, reaches to less than a third. The weather is below this number by 10%, and a quarter of the weather's percentage is offered by the food quality's proportion. It is only 5%.

Concerning to the factors which impact on the beneficial outputs in the island, two-fifths of the survey measured, choose the local people as the contributor of the advantages. A slight number below that factor, the scenery appears at 37% considered as one of the benefits. The ease of communication means and unique culture present a minute differences in a minority numbers, at 11% and 12%, respectively.

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Apr 3, 2016   #2
It's a quite good but you need to give a taste use the adjectives ,connectors such first and foremost, generally when you want to conclude, however,in addition, due to and so on

describe the low(fall down -decrease -decline )slowly _dramatically -sharply and high (go up -jump _climb-increase -rise ) significantly - fastly -clearly -incredibly ) even the stability (remain-at the same level )

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To me you can get 6 at least
Best of luck to you

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