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IELTS TASK 1 - Some alteration in Queen Mary Hospital

Ester Napitupulu 18 / 25 3  
Apr 11, 2016   #1
The diagrams below show the changes that have taken place at Queen Mary Hospital since its construction in 1960.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram shows the alterations that have occurred at Queen Mary Hospital over a 40-year period beginning in 1960 and ending in 2000. Overall there were most noticeable change is the replacement of shopping center and farmland with the cancer center and pharmacy at the end of the period.

At the beginning, in 1960, there were shopping center and farmland on the left side and there were hospital and car park on the right side. In 1980, to improve the services, the pharmacy has been built next to hospital. There were also a cancer center beside the pharmacy and in front of it a nursing school has been established. The remained unchanged were hospital and car park.

In 2000, there was still a changes from 1980, the cancer center become bigger, it replaced the nursing school, so the shape of the building look like letter L. Therefore a half of the car park has also altered, where nursing school stood in it.
Ssakshijain 28 / 146 87  
Apr 11, 2016   #2
Hey Ester, as you haven't posted the diagram, so I am making corrections on your sentence structure and grammar mistakes.
First thing you need to learn is the difference between "WAS" and "WERE". WAS is used with singular verb or noun and WERE is used with plural.

So with change you will put "was" ... If there was one shopping center then "was" a shopping center. If there were more than 1 shopping centers then you will say : There "were" shopping centers. I have corrected the sentences here considering there were more than one center or hospital but as I do not have the diagram you can edit them as required.

....Overallthe most noticeable .....
...1960, there were shopping centers .....left side and hospital along with car parking on the right side...
,,..There was also a cancer ........Hospital and car parking remains unchanged.
......there were still a changes from 1980,........
.Therefore half .... car parking has also altered in the place of nursing school.
Mimi07 9 / 15 2  
Apr 17, 2016   #3
Hi Ester, you have a good style in writing, please allow me to give you some suggestion

The diagrams below -- 'diagram'
Overall - overall,
Overall there were most -- overall, the most
change is the replacement-- was
At the beginning, in 1960 -- choose at the beginning or in 1960
there were shopping center and farmland on the left side and there were hospital
has been built-- had been built
has been established-- had
become bigger-- became
look like -- look at
has also altered- had been

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