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IELTS [TASK 2] alternatives to fossil fuels

Monen 1 / -  
Jan 28, 2014   #1
The exploration and development of safe alternatives to fossil fuels should be the most important global priority today.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Coal / Oil / Nuclear Power Energy

Using Coal and Oil to generate energy is widely used across the world and generally considered cost effective, reliable while being relatively easy to access with established technology. Additionally providing an essential income for fossil rich countries who have built their economy around the trade of energy, in many ways fossil fuels make modern life possible however recently there has been a global consideration of what harmful effect this may be having on the environment with a wider regard to how, as a population we can explore safer and more sustainable alternatives without causing an economic detriment to the countries who mass produce energy.

There has been extensive study into Global warming and the Greenhouse effect caused by the burning of fossil fuels and some governments have started exploring the benefits of renewable energy sources as an alternative however it will take a determined and committed effort on a world scale to make the changes necessary to reverse the harmful effects already inflicted on the environment.

Some energy providers have already begun to look to the elements for energy sources and are investing in Hydropower and Solar power, apart from being an abundant supply are environmentally friendly and, with some investment provide employment to the local community, while this is a positive start more commitment is needed from the energy industry to develop these methods of energy production to become established resources.

Although nuclear power is a controversial topic and does pose a multitude of health and safety concerns and requires huge financial investment due to the enormous capital required building a plant, the following fuel costs are undeniably low which makes nuclear power a eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel.

In conclusion, fossil fuels are used for electricity and other vital purposes . Despite this, safe alternatives should be use for a healthier environment.

fikri 5 / 317 71  
Jan 28, 2014   #2
Additionally providing ....

this sentence is too long,
try to make it clear, I cannot catch what do you want to deliver here

most of sentences in this essay are too long. this will make the readers more difficult to understand, try to organize well
Pahan 1 / 1,906 553  
Jan 28, 2014   #3
You need to pay attention to your essay structure. Your introduction should contain certain features in order to earn marks.

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