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Although a lot of translation software available, learning a language could still be advantageous.

Tiomo 1 / -  
Jun 21, 2022   #1

learning languages and translation applications

Language translation software is becoming prevalent in modern world. Some people argue that it is more beneficial to use translation algorithm, while others hold skepticism about its benefits. This essay will look into both sides of the statement before my final conclusion is drawn.

On the one hand, using language software derives numerous advantages, the most notable of which is the instant research. In other words, all translation tools today provide users with immediate answers, unlike learning the language on their own, which takes a whale of a time to accumulate knowledge. Therefore, they accelerate learners' studying process to a great extent. To illustrate, when travelling to another country, visitors may struggle in asking for directions due to lack of vocabulary. In this case, application application will become useful.

On the other hand, I would argue that learning languages might be a noteworthy option for those seeking for job opportunities. Some high-paid occupations require applicants to be proficient in English, for example, not their ability to use translation algorithms. As a result, the more you fluent in the language, the higher job chances you will receive. Furthermore, depending on translation apps can also lead to a number of faults. Since these apps are just automatic and robot-based software, information can be mistaken in some circumstances. This will lead to faulty knowledge acquisition, which can not happen if learners spend time doing research while studying the languages themselves.

In conclusion, both sides of this issue have indisputable aspects. Still, I am firmly convinced that it is better to learn languages due to its beneficial advantages that leaners cannot receive while using translation applications.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,839 4175  
Jun 22, 2022   #2
This essay may be written correctly in the eyes of the writer but, in the eyes of the examiner, the with has not properly formatted the essay. It is missing several key elements in it's presentation.

The opinion statement cannot be given scoring consideration because the witter does not provide any actual direct opinion in relation to the given discussion. Where a clear and establishing opinion does not exist, no points can be given. Rather point deductions apply due to the lack of an establishing point of view platform.

Being a written debate, the writer must present personal arguements that represent 2 aspects:

1. An analysis of why the public supports an opinion and why he does not support this view.
2. An explanation of a differing public opinion and why he supports it.

In both instances public versus private reasoning comparisons must exist for the essay to be completely developed in terms of discussion considerations. This essay does not meet this requirement.

Due to the undeveloped personal opinion in the last paragraph, the writer cannot be said to have closed the discussion. New discussion topics cannot be represented in the concluding summary. As the essay is s a properly formatted conclusion, it could very well receive an automatic failing score.

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