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Altruism and sacrifice - people donate money for a reason

Vns9x 102 / 236 16  
Oct 7, 2014   #1
The reading passage and the lecturer discuss the topic of Altruism. The professor casts doubt on some several key beliefs about the Altruism as they are presented in the reading passage.

To begin with, the professor explains that a meerkat which standing guard usually has a habit eating before guarding. Consequently, it always has a full stomach before protecting its comrades, Moreover, the protector have more likelyhood to run away from the predators. For the reason that, the proctetor will be the first who sees predators. Nevertheless, when the protector warn others by alarming. it can make other fellows in more dangerous circumstance since his comrades might commence an escape and since they often hunt with a group. Thus, it will draw an attention from the predators. This directly refutes the assertion in the reading passage that claims that it is Altruism.

In terms of people, they can donate money for respects or appreciation or so on. Again, this appears to be a contradiction to the information that stated in the reading passage, which affirms that it is the sacrifices. In other words, that is sacrifice

please check it out and advice me;D

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Oct 7, 2014   #2
Vns, what is the prompt for the essay? I realize that it is a commentary on a previously assigned reading material but we still need to know what the essay parameters are so that we can properly assist you. It would help if you could cut and paste the article here as well so that we can check your understanding of the material with the original source. Those two should always be aligned.

In terms of content, you need to first define what altruism is as per its textbook definition and the definition of the author. This will lead the reader to a clearer understanding and analysis of the story that you are telling. It will also give weight to your claim that the author contradicts himself with regards to definition of altruism. Then you must define the reasons why the actions of the meerkat are a sacrifice instead.

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