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The amount of goods transported in the United Kingdom over the course of 28 years

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Apr 6, 2022   #1

the quantities of goods transported in the UK

The line graph illustrates the amount of goods which is transported in the United Kingdom over the course of 28 years starting in 1974 via four various kinds of transport namely road, water, rail and pipeline.

Looking at the graph, it can be immediately obvious that merchandise delivered by road, water and pipeline experienced an upward trend, with the exception of rail. Another interesting point is that road is the most popular transport over the period shown.

In 1974, around 70 million tonnes of merchandise were shipped by road, in contrast to only about 5 million tonnes goods by pipeline. The figures for water and rail were the same at around 40 million.

Having fluctuated slightly , the quantities of goods transported via road reached a peak of about 100 million in 2002. The figure for goods delivered by water was 65 million compared with only 40 million of rail. Although the quantities remained the lowest among the four kinds of transport, the amount of goods loaded by pipeline witnessed a steady increase to over 20 million in the same year.

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Apr 6, 2022   #2
Avoid writing an extremely long, multiple idea, single sentence summary. Doing so will cause confusion for your reader as too much information in a single presentation makes it extremely difficult to understand and keep track of. This particular summary overview required 3 individual sentences. That means 1 sentence per piece of information. 1 data presentation per sentence is the age old norm for basic English writing skills. The current recap format will receive a failing score in 2 sections: C + C and GRA.

Do not ask the reader to look at the graph. They should not need to do that since your report should accurately, through the use of academic and descriptive words, explain the image information. The understanding is that there is no image reference on the part of the reader. That reference is point reducing in terms of accuracy considerations.
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thank you for your useful feedbacks

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