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Analysis for painting: Post du Garde by Hubert Robert

Anniemanjo 1 / -  
Oct 27, 2018   #1

a landscape oil painting with a bridge

Hubert Robert created a landscape oil painting with a bridge on the canvas at 1787. And that bridge vicinity the average on canvas is a famous bridge of South of France. Called Pont du Gard bridge. Hubert Robert just titled his painting in a similar way with the original architecture. Historically, Pont du Gard is a bridge that built during 1st century AD with three tiers of archways crosses the Gardon River in southern France. Pont du Gard is not only a bridge, but also being a part of the aqueduct system. Augustus wants to build up a convenient water system for the citizens. Because people live in that time period in the south of France, needs to walk for 50 kilometers away for taking water back Tunnel during from the time of Augustus until today is historically significant construction for France.

There is not merely the landscape of the bridge in Robert's Pont du Garde. The 18 century's lifestyle is recorded on the left down corner. As the painting shows, people are activated nearby the Pont du Gard. Washing clothes or having a picnic on the riverside, boating the river. The main chiaroscuro shows from the top left corner to the bottom right, but the light is coming from the right side. All the arches from the three levels told us that the light resource goes directly on the bridge by the most contrast on the painting. Every single arch looks simple and similar, but actually, Hubert Robert handles the arches in different colors by a micro change. There is also the contrast of colors between green-blue and orange from the left side and right side of the bridge. The green-blue color on the sky still looks harmony in this painting even though the whole painting is in the warm yellow tone.

The bridge is damaged after using for 17 century, Robert mark out this fact by putting the details on the construction line. The object that not perfect enough will make me feel the relative reality. The details of the brick are expressive forms and patterns for presenting the bridge.

All the elements above that the contrast of chiaroscuro shows the perspective of the bridge. From left to right, upper to lower that space is shown.

Robert uses different techniques to paint. Especially the diversity between the construction of the bridge and the sky. For example, there is obviously imprint that the bridge is painted by small brush and the clouds on the sky are using flat-brush. There are invisible lines of shape, but the construction is described by colors in different tone and hue.

Like an oil painting from the 18 century, the style of Robert's Pont du Garde is more likely with the sculpture from the Augustus time period. To compare with the Rococo style, which is the main popular style in the eighteenth century, Robert's painting is more harmony.

All in all, Hubert Robert's Pont du Garde present the original Pont du Gard bridge in a harmony way and balance the painting by his technique.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,790 2605  
Oct 28, 2018   #2
Jingwen, you may want to explain why Robert merely used the name of the bridge for his painting. There is always a deeper meaning attached to every painter's art and its title so you should develop that part of your discussion. It will be part of the deeper analysis of the painting itself.

You seriously need to get a professional editor to proof read your paper. You are presenting the essay in a confusing blend of past and present references, which makes the paper extremely difficult to read, follow, and understand. The tense usage needs to be addressed in the essay so that your grammar will be better presented and easily understood by the reader. You can even use the bundled editing software in MS word to accomplish that, free of charge.

This essay needs more editing and revising in terms of language presentation more than anything else so that it can be considered a properly written art analysis paper.

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