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Many Animal are getting extinct from this world, describe the ways to protect .

niraj /  
Sep 10, 2009   #1
Many animals are extinct from this world, the ways to protect them.

In this century the new invention leads to extinction of many animals which were there in past now they are extinct.The new inventions like coal mines, industries , vehicles creates more pollution in environment that many species cant resist this pollution and are being extinct.Some times human being kill these animals for money, they sell their skin and fur take example of tiger and lion, in India many tigers and lions are getting killed for their skin which is sold very costly to other country . The protection can be done by removing pollution, creating new parks for animals and make rules of whole life in jail or heavy penalties on killing animals .

Firstly there is should new industries and vehicle who are eco-friendly which keep complete environment pollution free this helps to save animals from extinction for example the frog which we see near the pond in the past now very rare species are left so due to change in environment they are getting extinct.

Secondly the society should make such harsh laws that person who kill animals will get life prison or heavy penalties so that people think twice before hunting of animals for skin and fur.

Thirdly , there should limit for cutting trees and jungle so that animals who live there can live freely and survive for long time. The society should make new parks where they can keep rare animals which are just extincting from this world and keep both male and female animals so they can raise their children and increasing their quantity.

To conclude the animals will be protected from extinction if hunting of them stop, environment become pollution free and there is enough parks for animals where they can live freely and safely.

EF_Simone 2 / 1,986  
Sep 10, 2009   #2
The substance of this essay is solid. Your struggle is with grammar. I wonder if you might be better served by taking a break from incessant essay writing in order to do some grammar drills.
EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Sep 11, 2009   #3
Simone is right -- your grammatical mistakes are severe enough and frequent enough that they make reading your essays difficult. You can of course try combining your use of this site with grammar drills done elsewhere. Try revising this essay, for instance, by fixing up the grammar on your own, and then reposting. Pay attention to all of the types of mistakes that most grammar books are designed to help you avoid.

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