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Animals are waiting for us to be rescued

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Nov 7, 2014   #1
Many parts of the world are losing important natural resources, such
as forests, animals, or clean water. Choose one resource that is
disappearing and explain why it needs to be saved. Use specific
reasons and examples to support your opinion.

These days, numerous animals are endangered as a result of tremendous humans ignorance. In fact, there are two reasons why animals need to be saved. First and foremost, they do not have the ability to rebirth themselves. Last but not least, it will help our offspring to be more knowledgeable about animals. This essay will clarify all the mentioned above reasons.

Currently, animals are uncreatable for human. Furthermore, It has taken a long time for our planet to form such precious animals that we see nowadays. Even today, many animals are still forming since they need to adjust to this manmade world. A large group of animals are dying out, the rest of them are still living under the poor condition. It is imperative for us to save them because eventually all of them will be extinct. To clarify, envision yourself, if elephants disappear from this world due to human careless activities, obviously, it will be impossible for us to resurrect this species. Thereby, every single animal need to be supported immediately before it is too late.

Moreover, we must keep them under a proper condition and maintain them for our future generations. They also have to right to check them out, and to touch it. Since, it will provide our kids with more information and knowledge. In fact, if we do not take animals' issue seriously, our kids' knowledge will greatly suffer from it. By way of illustration, I can recall myself being a kid back then, I was really curious about dinosaurs and Mahmoods. They were a mystery for me, Unfortunately, due to many natural disasters and humans' hunting, all those priceless creatures are now extinct. Hence, in order to not make a same mistake twice we need to take care of our world's animals.

The aforementioned reasons examine that animals are waiting for us to be rescued. Firstly, those creatures only live once. Secondly, our next generations should also have the same opportunity as us to see those animals face-to-face.

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Nov 7, 2014   #2
Shon, I know what you are trying to present as reasons in this essay but I have to tell you that you have failed miserably in defending your stance. Mostly because you are not familiar enough with the English language to be able to properly express yourself. You lack a clear understanding of the English vocabulary including when and how you should use it. I will try to reorganize this essay for you in such a way that your thoughts become clearer and more understandable. Please note the way I presented the essay and make sure to understand why I said things a certain way.

- A number of animal species have become endangered due to human ignorance. It is because of the way that animals are treated by humans that their species need to be saved. Animals have ability to reproduce, but not at the same fast pace as the human beings can due to differing gestational and birthing processes. If the animals are not protected and rescued by the humans, there may not be any more animals in the future for the next generation of human beings to study, enjoy, and care for.

- While animals can probably be cloned in the future, at the moment, their numbers are dwindling due to the human interest in hunting them down regardless of whether the female of the specie is carrying offspring or not. The animals that roam the planet now come from an ancient line of species that have evolved over time with the planet. Therefore, animals are still trying to evolve with the planet and keep up with the way the humans are treating them. However, our treatment of animals have driven most of their species towards extinction and once that happens, an environmental imbalance will exist and disrupt the ecosystem of our planet.

- It is important that animals are protected by human beings in order to ensure the future of the planet and our own human generations. It is only proper that humans help the animals survive in order to allow the next generation of human beings to continue to study their species for the benefit of mankind. Without these animals to study, our knowledge of human, animal, and planetary evolution will cease to exist. Hence the imperative need to put a stop to illegal hunting and the destruction of their natural forest habitat in favor of urbanization.

- So, animals need human help in order to continue to survive and allow humans to continue studying their evolution and effect on our planet. It is only logical that we continue to do our best to save the animals because the future of mankind depends upon it as well.

Shon, the only way you will improve your grasp and use of the English language is through reading and writing. Please read more current events and other interesting English language reports or studies in order to get an idea of how an interesting English essay is written in both informal and formal (academic) styles. By doing that, you will be able to greatly improve your grasp of the English written language :-)
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Nov 7, 2014   #3
Louisa Mae, thanks for advice, i am pretty sure it will consume lots of time to do so, and another thing would you mind checking my previous roads essay out?
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Nov 7, 2014   #4
Louisa Mae, You lack a clear understanding of the English vocabulary
Could you point out which word was inappropriate.
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 7, 2014   #5
Here is a list of terms that you used in the wrong context:

they do not have the ability to rebirth themselves.

- All animals, just like humans, were born with the ability to reproduce. The term is reproduce, not rebiirth.

Currently, animals are uncreatable for human.

- We cannot create animals in the manner that the universe created their species, but we can clone them. Refer to cloning of animals on the internet so you will understand why animals are now creatable by humans but certain ethical guidelines prevent that. Remember, we also create dog hybrids by cross breeding. Thus, animals are in a way, creatable by man already.

many animals are still forming since they need to adjust to this manmade world.

- Animals do not form, they are already formed. However, they need to evolve in order to survive in this world.

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