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How could anyone hate snow? Winter is the season of welcoming - Descriptive essay

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Feb 3, 2015   #1
How could anyone hate snow? Winter is the season of welcoming, the warm hugs in the cold frigid air, and making warm memories in the ice cold snow. A snowy day is the best kind of day; listening and watching all the activities that are going on as the day goes on puts you in a state of amazement at how much really happens in that one particular day. Watching and listening to the snow fall, the screams of joy from the children, and what could happen after the sun goes down could show you how amazing a snow day could be.

After the first snowfall of winter, everything was covered in snow; the ground, trees, and roads. People come out of their warm and cozy houses looking at the gleaming snow falling from the bright blue sky, slowly covering the icy ground. The astonished look on their faces was as if they have never seen snow before. Children sitting by the frozen window waiting for more and more snow.

White and fluffy, glistening snowflakes are twirling and floating down from the swollen, gloomy clouds, blanketing the icy ground while the frosted, leafless, bare trees dance to the arctic, bitter cold breeze. It was as if magic was falling from the bright blue skies, each delicate snowflake was unique, and they were as light as a feather. The astonishing snow was ice cold to the touch, it feels like slivers of cotton and feathers touching your skin. The crisp snowflakes have a distinct smell, kind of a fresh and crisp. The weak rays of the sun shining off the icicles making them sparkle in the children's ice blue eyes. Icicles could be as sharp as a knife, as if they were nature's concealed weapon. They were all beautifully unique, freezing in their oddly shaped ways. They were crystal clear with a salty taste dripping wet, and cold enough to make your hands blue. The noise outside was quiet enough to hear the beautiful snowflakes that were turning into ice, hit the covered ground making a pinging noise as each ball of ice drops. It was completely silent outside. The only sound that you could hear is the ice hitting the roof of the houses and the roads.

The expression of amazement on the children's faces in the frosty morning with their cherry red noses and rosy red cheeks ready to start their fun filled day. The snowflakes were falling onto their brown hair and eyelashes and catching snowflakes with their pink tongue. The children were standing outside in the cold breeze making their cheeks turn bright red, watching balls of fluffy white snow get thrown everywhere, and specks of little white snowflakes falling onto the snowman's hat. The children were chilled to the bone, fingers and toes as cold as ice, with runny noses as red and cold as they could be. Listening to the screaming of happiness, the crunching noise you hear as they were running through the shimmering yards, and the sounds of the big red shovels hitting the snow covered pavement.

At the end of the fun filled day as the snow melts and the rays of sunshine start to dim, there are still plenty of things that are able to be down. We sat watching the muddy plow trucks that was full of cinders, pushing the gray slushy snow off to the sides of the icy roads. They could hear the loud noise, from inside the warm, cozy house, the plow trucks were making from the plow scraping on the icy road. There was families sitting by the window with frost patterns on it, watching the oddly shaped icicles melt along with the snow, with steaming hot chocolate that was brown with white, fluffy marshmallows on the top. They were watching everything melt and hearing the water drip off the beautiful icicles to the ground. The families' eyes staring in awe watching all the miracles of winter happen.

A snowy day is a day filled with fun, even by just watching and listening to everything that goes on that day. Watching the glistening snowflakes fall to the ground one by one, seeing the clear icicles freeze in their oddly shaped ways, hearing the screams of joy the children were making while playing in the fluffy snow, touching the ice cold snow that felt light while holding it in your hand, and tasting the hot chocolate after being outside until the rays of sunshine dimmed out. The best kind of day is a snowy day.

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