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AODAI - MY NATIONAL COSTUME - description paragraph

Sep 23, 2008   #1

The national costume that every woman wears in my country Vietnam is Aodai. On the top is a collar. It has mandarin style, high, and stand. The sleeves are long. These little details make the dress more secretive. The body of the dress is simple but impressive. The bodice is tight with fitting tunic at the breast, waist, back and there is a line of buttons on the right that covers you totally yet it lets your beautiful figure be seen and admired in such a feminine way that I can't find any word to describe. The two flap of garment can be either very long down to the ankles or just stopped short below the knees. It splits in the gown above waist height to make it comfortable and easy to move in. The pants are long and loose. With the loosely pants and the floating garment, the dress makes you look really graceful. To make the dress more sensitive, the fabric most used is silk or thin and soft material with all the hues of the rainbow. Aodai is a special costume that makes woman more beautiful, sensual, gentle, modern, and traditional.

Can you take a look and check it for me. I think it's too short but I dont know how to make it longer ..or that's enough for a paragraph ?

Thank you so much.
Nice day.


A paragraph is around six to eight sentences, or however long it takes to "get the job done." This works really well; not too long, not too short. Nice work.

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