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Writing Task 2 "Are the appearance more important than the quality of work"

ZiadRasyid24 10 / 15 3  
Aug 26, 2016   #1
Some organisations believe that their employees should dress smartly. Others value quality of work above appearance.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Today appearance is very important and representative personality of people. Therefore, some company require their employees used a good outfit. While others believe that quality of work is more important.

Some people suggested that quality of work is significant and I can understand their point of view. Some big company or personal that deal with non direct customers such as Google, freelancers, and labour focus only the results of the job. They disregard appearing of the employees and give freedom what they want to use when working. This because the company would not they getting stress because of the rules and mainly could improve performance of work by giving the best effort. At the end the company will beneficially because sometimes the new inovation product created or the jobs finished earlier time than schedule.

However, the others assume that appearance is something compulsory when socialize with other people. As my experienced, psychology of people that someone who have a good appearance tend to be more easier to get attention and persuade other people than others who looks ordinary. For some company or people that need to be collecting as many as number of customers such as sales insurance, executive business, or marketing product, the appearance is very important while dealing with customers.

Personally, I think the question depend on what are they deal with. If someone require the result of the job, they have not to be look smart dress but concentrate only to the task. On the other hand if getting customers is the aim of their job, they should looks good in their appearance.
Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
Aug 26, 2016   #2
Hello ZiadRasyid24

Some of the sentences needed to be adjusted to sound more pleasing to one's ear:

Today [...] One's appearance has always been considered reflective of his or her personality.
Therefore [...] Some companies require employees to observe a specific dress code while at work.
suggested that the quality [...] of an individual's professional performance is of crucial importance and I...
Some companies [...] that hire freelancers, such as Google, could not care less about what their employees wear.
They disregard [...] the appearance of workers...
This because [...] The reason for this is that these companies do not want to subject their employees to too much stress.
At the end [...] In its turn, this strengthens the sense of professional commitment in workers - something that increases the measure of the affiliated company's competitiveness.

However, [...] other companies believe that their employees should be dressed well while in the workplace.
As my experienced, [...] After all, there is a good reason to think that the well-dressed employees will be much more likely to persuade people to buy the company's particular product or service.

For some company [...] This should be especially the case with the companies specialised in marketing or selling insurance.
Personally, I think [...] that the company's decision to impose a dress code on its workers (or to refrain from doing so) should be circumstantially appropriate.

The remaining two sentences are redundant... you should consider removing them.

I hope this helped. Regards.
Ilmi_03 47 / 69 11  
Aug 26, 2016   #3
Hi, Ziad :)

Today, the appearance of a person is very imperative and representative his personality. Therefore, some companies require their employees ...
However, others believe that work performance is more important.

Most people suggested that quality of work is significant (for what ...) and I can understand ...
Some giant corporationsor personal that deal with non direct customers such as Google, freelancers, and labour(what kinds of labour ....)emphasize the result of the job. They disregard outward appearance of employees and give freedom them to use what they want. [

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