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Should we apply new ways of finding the compatible person for a job, in lieu of interviews

Lam Trann 1 / 3  
Mar 23, 2020   #1

methods of employing compatible person for a job

In many parts of the world these days, more folk have been concentrated on jobs. It is deemed that people should utilize numerous methods of employing compatible person for a job. In lieu of finding employees via interviewing. This essay attempts to point out that this statement is convincible.

There are some people who are in favor of this idea . It is quite unfair in some cases to sustain interview as a way of finding employees . This means that some interviewers usually judge interviewees via cognitive ability. So that some people who have adequate qualities, will probably be not approved owing to perceptions from interviewers. As highlight for this point, according to some surveys of USC university in VietNam, feelings of interviewers is practically the most crucial element which determine whether he or she is accepted. As a bonus, interviews trigger numerous obstacles for folk. It is apparently that people tend to lost there confidence so that they cannot perform well. A case in this point, following the CNN channel, people nearly do not render answers to questions from employers although they have abundant ideas on the matters. Aside from that, the innovations in ways of finding compatible jobs today can handle problems which interview has not abilities. Indeed, some enterprises entail that it is reluctant for employees to perform their techniques in a brief period on work beyond interviews. Then, firms would depend on the results or some required aspects before they render consequences. This is one of the steps which are common in some nations these days.

Vice versa, some people go for the interview ways by understandable benefits. One of intriguing benefits is that interview is the best ways for people to communicate and corresponding. This means that they can discuss about jobs in details. Another possibility is that some jobs are compulsory to interviews. It can be understood that some jobs require numerous features of interactions, communication and the like . Such as teacher. In real, students after universities are all essential to experience a strict interviews before they get the jobs.

In brief, it is perceived that people should modify the ways of finding suitable employees according to some persuadable elements. Aside from that, there are various undeniable hypothesis for sustaining interview
THC1310vn 7 / 19 10  
Mar 23, 2020   #2
it should be "who have adequate qualities, will ...". If you have a comma, it will grammatically wrong.

"It is apparently that "=
... from employers although they ...
It must have a comma before "although'
"communicate and corresponding", why is there is "V and V-ing". It is wrong, and i would fix "comprehending"
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,667 3487  
Mar 24, 2020   #3
I am not sure if this was written as a Task 2 practice essay or as a simple English writing exercise with a definitive topic. Please remember to inform us about the type of task and provide the prompt for the discussion next time. It will help us give you a more directed review of your work and more relevant advice regarding points for improvement in your writing style and presentation. Thanks.

What I do know is that I will be giving you a general grammar review based on the UK style of English writing. I believe that the UK is your target academic region right? So the advice given needs to be directed towards their grammar requirements and rules. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the UK method of spelling which is different from the American English version. Normally, they are heavy on adding the letter U to their spelling of words such as favour, Also, Vietnam is spelled internationally as one word, nam is not capitalized. I am not sure why you capitalized it in your presentation.

There are subject verb disagreements in the essay such as when using the plural form of a word. When you say "interviewers", that is the plural form of the word "interviewer". So the it should be "are" instead of "is". You need to learn to use the proper verb form of words. Use the time reference consideration when needed. people "lose" their confidence, not lost. Remember the action is ongoing. Also, it is "apparent", not "apparently". Learn the specifics of homophones, these are words that sound alike but are spelled differently. An example of this error in your essay is "There" when you meant to say "their".

When writing a list of successive related words, always use the Oxford comma. This is a common mistake made by most beginner writers. It is something learned over time, with familiarity and by reading the writing styles of others. It is a punctuation mark that is often used in writing and is often the method by which a score increases of decreases in an English test.

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