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Some argue that advertisements are very successful in convincing people to make purchase

yaserenrique 1 / -  
Dec 18, 2020   #1

IELTS task 2 advertising is successful or not

Some argue that advertisements are very successful in convincing people to make purchase, while others think that they have become so common and people are not affected by them. Although the repetition of adverts can be annoying and make people ignore them, I believe that advertising is an effective way of promoting products as they have become more creative.

people nowadays see adverts everywhere especially in the media which is irritating and makes visitors ignore them. This is because advertising agencies try to bombard people with a lot of adverts and brainwash them by doing it repetitively. This is a common technique taken by many companies but since this method distracts people's concentration from their work or study, the majority of people stop paying attention to them. For example, based on the data released by TV channels in 2019, the number of visitors of channels that broadcast too many adverts repetitively decreased by nearly 40%. However, I believe that advertising is still a successful technique because of using creative contents.

On the contrary, advertising agencies use innovative ways to influence people successfully. That is to say, business owners now try to find new ways to garner people's attention in their adverts. They use images that have aesthetic features for those who tend to gravitate towards beauty or use persuasive contents that can be informative for different group of watchers. For instance, environmental concerns is a main issue for most of people and trying to create a connection between buying a product and its positive impact on the environment in an advertisement is a creative way to encourage people to make purchase. For this reason. I think advertising is a powerful way in markets.

In conclusion, while receiving many ads from different sources can make people feel annoyed and refuse to pay attention to them, I believe that creative methods that are used to target people with different attitudes is the reason why advertising is extremely successful in the promotion of products.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,728 4511  
Dec 19, 2020   #2
There is a lack of comparative discussion in relation to your point of view in this presentation. While you managed to give an accurate restatement of the original prompt, all the way to the presentation of your opinion as a part of the discussion outline, the reasoning paragraphs are improperly formatted. Since you have decided to offer a personal point of view, rather than give an opinion of each reason originally provided (which would have presented you with a higher overall score), the you should have clearly indicated public discussion paragraphs first and second, then your personal opinion third, or last.

Each reason has a specific public opinion attached to it in the original prompt. You restated these in your thesis statement. So your paragraph discussion should have shown this discussion topic with an explanation based on the general consensus. Such a discussion format would benefit from the use of third person references (they, them) for the public point of view, and personal pronouns ( I, me) as a part of the GRA scoring consideration (under the grammar usage and sentence format accuracy consideration). It would show that you understand how to use English grammar rules. The current format, without the use of pronouns, make it seem like you are presenting solely a personal opinion throughout. There is no separation of discussion representatives (public, personal) within the presentation format. Which means the reader will not be clear on who is actually speaking or being referred to (personal opinion?) throughout the presentation.

The concluding paragraph is not effective in summarizing the presentation because you have made it too long. There is too much going on in one sentence. Each sentence has to have a specific purpose in the summary. So divide the thoughts into a proper mix of simple to complex sentences. Otherwise, the presentation idea becomes difficult to keep track of. You still have to represent the original topic and discussion points, before repeating your opinion. This is not a single opinion essay after all.

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