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Some argue that history is is of great importance in school, others vote for science and technology.

Hadiep 1 / -  
Jul 14, 2019   #1

history - one of the most important subjects to study?

In today's fast changing world, some people argue that history is of great importance in school. However, others claim that subjects such as science and technology play more vital roles than history. Both viewpoints will be discussed and critically evaluated before a final conclusion is drawn.

On the on hand, there are plausible reasons why history is crucially important . To begin with, people usually enrich their knowledge through experience of their ancestors which is absolutely indispensable. Therefore, it is useful for people not to make regrettable mistakes and cultivate their critical thinking. In addition, because history is the foundation of human civilization, it is essential for people, especially the next generations, to have a mutual understanding of cultural and traditional customs . For this reason, people have a tendency to embrace and commemorate the services of soldiers who protect the countries from invaders.

On the other hand, other people argue that people should make investment in science and technology. Obviously, with the advent of high-tech devices, scientific and technological subjects can provide students with necessary skills in order to have access to the updated information. Furthermore, it is undoubted that the substantial growth of jobs related to computer skills meet people's requirement because they are highly demanded. Consequently, more and more job seekers apply for IT jobs or scientific research. For instance, it is reported that the number of people who work in technological company... are growing in popularity due to the advancement of industrialization and modernization.

In conclusion, every subjects has it own merits and demerits. From my perspective, the possibility of two opinions can be reconciled and people should find the right balance between history and subjects like science and technology. People should take advantage of them

jade31 1 / 1  
Jul 14, 2019   #2
I would try starting with what you will be doing in the essay, for example "Before reaching a conclusion as to whether history or technology is more vital for today's education, we will discuss and evaluate the pros and cons of both view points...." and then continuing with both viewpoints. But aside from that, the essay is good, maybe try being more concrete with the reasons as to why both of them are good or bad.
lichien0422 5 / 8 3  
Jul 16, 2019   #3
Hi, I'll try to see if I can help you a bit.
1. On the on one hand
2. You have examples to support each of your arguments, which is good. I would recommend you to elaborate more on the how.
3. It would be a plus if you have a strong conclusion.

Good luck!

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