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Argumentative essay on cell phones and driving.

evadfa 3 / 7 1  
Feb 21, 2013   #1
I am doing a college essay about cell phones and driving.

I have a whole bunch of thoughts, they are sort of broken down into paragraph form. I have to use research and support which I have enough of, I just need to finish writing the paper itself and I will plug in the research later and add some detail to support them.

Cell phone technology has gotten bigger and better each year since it was invented. While there are numerous advantages to owning and using a cell phone, there are just as many disadvantages and hazards that can be caused by them. In this modern age, we have outgrown the need for home phones, and the "wired" phone has all but disappeared. No longer are we "tethered" to the home, we can now travel and still keep in touch with friends and family.

People use cell phones everywhere, walking, driving, at school, at work, at home. The need for these devices has increased dramatically, but in recent years, so have accidents and fatalities been the result of cell phone use. Why do people insist on using their phones when these incidents keep happening? We see it everyday on news stories, driving while texting or talking and causing an accident. The same is true for pedestrians who talk on their cell phones. It is like what I experienced while in the Philippines, people could be driving, and pedestrians will just walk out into traffic. They glance in your direction, but then with their head down, continue on, traffic coming or not. With pedestrians here they are just a little bit different, they walk across the street looking at their phone, or talking without a care in the world, like they are invincible to any danger around them. From my own experiences, texting while driving is not an easy task.

With the newer cell phones out there, they make the keyboards even harder to type with, and with the new laws in place, I almost never risk the thought of a ticket, or even worse an accident by trying to talk on the phone. I do admit there are times when I put the phone on speaker and set it in my lap to have a conversation, but even then it is only for a minute or two. But then that's all it takes for an accident to happen. If a call involves emotional content or there is information related that affects the persons judgment then there is a greater cause for accidents to take place. I see it almost everyday, at least one driver with a phone to their ear. You can almost always tell what's happening when you see a car weaving to the left or right in the lane. There are of course those who think that cell phones are so important to them that they need to be attached to them no matter where they are. An important call or text perhaps that has to be made even while driving. Maybe an emergency phone call that has to be taken. Some may text "call me asap" or something. The correct thing to do is to pull over and use the phone, but since we have practiced the art of trying to multitask while driving it is a hard habit to break. The types of people who use cell phones starts with teens mostly texting friends or family and goes up to senior citizens. A business man who needs to have the latest updates on the stocks or to be connected with the office.

There are a few people who do not feel like they are potentially causing any danger to themselves or those around them. When a cell phone is used, you don't think about your surrounding as much. You may see reports about accidents, and think "that will never happen to me". Some people feel pressured to remain in constant contact, even if they are driving.

Here is what I have so far. Any ideas on how to expand it some more?

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Feb 21, 2013   #2
so have accidents and fatalities been the result of cell phone use.

...it's nicer if you used direct speech;
causing accidents and fatalities.

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