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Argumentative - Coaching classes or private tuition should be banned

KingOKnowledge 1 / -  
Apr 25, 2022   #1

"Learning is best done at one's own pace"

This quote would definitely be widely accepted. Still, the current method of teaching students in schools does not follow this at all.

In schools, the concepts taught to the students are at the teachers' comfort, pace, and style of teaching. Still, nor are two fingers the same, neither the teachers, adding one more variable to the already many. This highlights two major flaws in today's systems, diversity in teaching methods and diversity in students' capacities. Every student in a class is bound to the teacher's teaching style and pacing of the topic, A coaching class or private tuition helps solve the problem.

In private tuition, students get to learn the same concept from two people in two different lights. The student definitely benefits from this. he or she may even ask for multiple repetitions of the topic with less strict time constraints, unlike in schools. Teachers in schools too try and follow suit, but lack behind because of the huge number of children and an even more amount of administrative work. School teachers too try providing multiple repetitions, but the large number of students are just extremely hard to cater to.

In coaching institutions, the atmosphere is near school-like, but with a big difference. Coaching institutions provide students with constant tests, engraving the topic in their minds. This not only does help the students to retain knowledge for longer but also allows them to have more time for extracurricular topics. Coaching institutes being better funded than private tuitions, divert more attention to better faculty, recreation, et cetera. This allows them to provide better results overall.

This is why students joining private tuitions or coaching institutes generally show improved results and better knowledge and understanding of topics when compared to students dependent solely on schools. Doing so also follows the quote "Don't put all your eggs in one basket", where the basket being the schools. having multiple sources of knowledge and learning are never bad and instead might help if anyone's doubts aren't being solved in either of the places.

Now, even both cases do not solve the main problem completely. In both solutions mentioned are teachers involved, bringing forth the same issue with the schools. And the answer to that would be, tuition and coaching nor were neither will be meant as a replacement for schools, they exist only to help students solve their doubts and allow them to "learn at their own pace".
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,686 4117  
Apr 25, 2022   #2
When opening with a quote, do not forget to add to the impact or drama of your opening statement by referring to the person you have quoted and how his background lends itself to the application of the text in your context. This will help create a more marked and analytical opening for your speech. You can do a lot with the citation if you know how to use the background of the source for impact. Prove the validity of the quote in terms of the topic being discussed. Right now, the quote is relevant but lacking in a strong impression.

Doing so also follows the quote "Don't put all your eggs in one basket", where the basket being the schools.

What does the quote represent in this case? You cannot just say the school is the basket. What concept does it represent and why should all the possible learning possibilities be placed in schools?

There are portions of the essay that need to be corrected for grammar. Even with the editing needed, the essay still represents an interesting and somewhat strong argument for private institutions.
nea12345 1 / 4  
Apr 28, 2022   #3
the topic of this essay is really good and its one of the common thing we get to see these days. but the fact that the information gven in both the place are same. it may vary in the way they present, but except that nothing changes. so i think that if the school teachers try to approach students in a different way, i am not saying them copy what private tutions do, but in a unique and still more better way then something would change. because i believe school teachers are the ones who see us and know us better than tutions teachers as we specnd most of ur time in schools

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