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Ielts Writing task 2: Art classes should be compulsory in high school. Do you agree or disagree?

drbaby 1 / -  
Oct 12, 2020   #1
Art classes such as painting or drawing are important for children's development, so
it should be compulsory in high school. Do you agree or disagree?

art subjects should be voluntary only

It is widely argued that whether or not art classes such as painting or drawing should be obligatory in high school. While I agree that these subjects are necessary, I strongly believe that they should only be optional subjects.

To begin with, it is true that art classes would be beneficial for children's development. The reason is that these classes might help children develop completely. In more detail, while logical subjects such as sciences and maths might facilitate the development of logical intelligence, art subjects such as painting and drawing would benefit emotional intelligence. For example, children who study art classes could tend to be better in stress management and relationship management. Furthermore, art classes may help to find future talents in these subjects. For instance, Le Minh Khoa, whose talent was uncovered when joining a painting class in his school ten years ago, now becomes a famous painter in Vietnam. If students do not join in art classes, their hidden talents would never be discovered.

However, I disagree with the idea that art subjects should be mandatory in high school for various reasons. Firstly, because entrance exams of most universities do not include art subjects, it is unnecessary to force all students to join art classes. This is particularly the case for those who only focus on university entrance exams and not be interested in art classes. If they must unwillingly join in these classes, this would have a negative effect on their academic results. Furthermore, students who are reluctant to participate in art classes might not study effectively, which leads to a waste of time and money. For instance, my younger brother, who has to study painting in his school, is often tired in these classes.

In conclusion, while I recognise that children's development benefits from art classes, it seems to me that art subjects should only be voluntary subjects.
enjoplin 1 / 3  
Oct 13, 2020   #2
Nice Essay!
I was thinking about that part about art classes helping with the emotional inteligence such as stress and relationship management.
Hence, my suggestion is that when you say it is unnecessary to force all students to join art classes because that entrance exams of universities do not include these subjects, you can explain that the students can still have art in their life in other ways such as music, reading, etc. So you do not say that it is completely unnecesary :) explain a bit more why and that art classes could be important to someone who wants to pursue a Degree in Arts for example.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,933 3567  
Oct 13, 2020   #3
This is a task 2 essay, not an academic research paper. Kindly remember that you have 40 minutes to complete this task. Therefore, the advisable word count is 275-290 words. This is the word count that will allow you to double check the essay in case you made any significant errors in your writing. Completing the essay with 312 words, but then having errors in grammar, coherence, and LR scoring sections will not result in a good score for you in the end. Any amount of errors, no matter how small, will still result in percentage deductions in those specific rubic sections, which will combine to create a lower than expected overall score for yourself.

Please remember that an agree or disagree essay is written from a singular point of view. The word "or" signifies a solo choice must be made in terms of your supporting opinion. You have to use the 2 reasoning paragraphs to convince the reader that your opinion is the right one. Your TA score will also depend on your correct discussion format since you are being scored on the clarity of your opinion. You are scored on the clarity of your decision. You have to make one choice for your response. Since this is not an extent essay, you cannot support both points to a certain degree. Your discussion approach is incorrect, applicable percentage deductions will be applied. I do not believe that this essay will get a baseline passing score. Most specially because the reverse paraphrase is not existing. You cannot have a complete reverse concluding paragraph with only one sentence. That is always a 3-5 sentence presentation. This is the same problem, with the same reasons, that exist in your opening statement.

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