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"My art is me"; Early childhood eassy on creativity

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Sep 16, 2008   #1
Hi there I' am new to this and I havent wrote a essay in years. So I need alot of help. I just want to know how my paper is and if you could give me any feedback. I have to explain how I would support and encourage creativity in myself and in young children.I also had to use examples from three videos I seen in class.

So here is what I have....

While watching the three videos in class. I learned three different things, that I would use to support and encourage creativity in myself and in young children. For right now and in the future, for my teaching career. I will provide an environment that allows children to explore and play without undue restraints. I will adapt to young children's ideas rather than tying to structure their ideas to fit my own. I'll allow young children to be risk-takers and explore all possibilities.

In the video "My art is me", I learned that the environment really has a lot to do with supporting a child in their creativity. I notice that the children were more social and confident, in their work and work space. The children also had a wide range of materials, to entertain their self. Without that kind of environment I don't think the children would be as independent.

It also support my creativity as well. I' am an Art major, So I know what it is to be in a good work environment and have an area where I can create my works of art. I find myself thinking differently, when I' am in the art studio. Being around other artists and having all my materials at hand as working on a piece really keeps me on track. When am at home I don't have the same mind-set.

Young children also have a mind of their own and ideas of their own. In the video "The lion" they show just how innovated the children were, by allowing them to come up with their own ideas of how to create a lion rather than the teachers telling the children how. I would encourage young children the same way. By allowing them to have idea of their own, and am also letting them think out of the box.

That goes along with being a risk-taker. I think that's something I do everyday. I always try something new, I want to stand out, and, I want to be different from everybody else. I wouldn't be able to do that without taking a risk. I do get criticism from people about my creativity, weather its my hair and make-up or my art work. But I don't mine because it is who I am and I don't do it for anybody but me.

I believe young children are the same way when it come to taking a risk in their creativity. They don't do it for anyone else but only for their self. Just as Bev Bos describe in her video. That children should take risks, she when on saying that its character building and it set the foundation for the rest of their life's. If they can do something as little as swing from a tree on a tire. Image when their older, what they will be doing. With the right support and encouragement.

That what I intend on doing for the young children support and encourage creativity with a strong environment, the opportunity and confidence to take risk, challenge assumptions, and see things in a new way. Beside they are the future, there the scientists, artist and poets. Who knows they might even be the next Einstein.

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