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Art essay, forever impacting our world

mforero333 3 / 5  
Aug 10, 2012   #1
Essay #1
Write on ONE of the following topics. (500 word limit)
Tell us about an experience you have had or a concept you have learned about that intellectually excites you. Why does it interest you, and what does this tell us about you?

I am an art nerd. I get made fun of for being the art nerd. Does this bother me? Not at all. At my school, we get a choice for an extracurricular between Chemistry IB and Art IB. I chose Art IB along with three other students, and the other twenty students chose Chemistry. Apparently, the students who chose Art IB are the lazy ones, but I know for a fact that's not the case with me. I chose Art IB because I have a passion for art; not because it's easier to draw than to do stoichiometry.

I have nothing against chemistry; I actually love science; but art is just on a whole different level to me. Art intellectually excites me because it is something that cannot be calculated. Art is freedom and there is not a "correct" answer for it. Art is limitless. Art is something that you feel; something that you take in.

Art, to me, is my way to relax and express myself in ways I usually cannot. Sometimes, whether I'm talking or writing, I just cannot express myself exactly the way I want. But when I am painting, it is a completely different experience. Painting is my window to expression that words cannot convey.

Now that I really appreciate art, I look at the world in a completely different way. Art is all around you in ways that sometimes you don't see. I look at trees and not only see a trunk and leaves, but the actual colors of the leaves and the texture of the trunk and how they complement each other. Art is in architecture, ads, movies, nature, clothing; everything.

As an "art nerd", I always get teased about how art isn't a real subject and that anyone that pursues it is not having a "real career". While I am still not sure about pursuing art in a career, I know that they are wrong. Art may not be as "intellectually stimulating" as Chemistry or any other subject for that matter, but it still is an important subject that should never be forgotten. What if Monet stopped making art because everyone told him that what he was doing wasn't really a career? What if there were no art museums? What if art never existed? The world would be a sad bland place with no beauty, no creativity, and no self expression.

Art is something that will forever impact our world. It is something that can make us feel an emotion just by looking at it. Art is my way of freeing my mind and thinking outside of the box. It's so exciting knowing that I have something that I really truly love, and that is art.
PBP 3 / 9  
Aug 11, 2012   #2
In the conclusion, do not say "something that can make us feel an emotion"...say "something that make me feel emotions"

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