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GRE essay. Art is not meaningless and the governments should support it

ey1011 1 / -  
Aug 26, 2015   #1
7. Some people believe that government funding of the arts is necessary to ensure that the arts can flourish and be available to all people. Others believe that government funding of the arts threatens the integrity of the arts.

For long time, there have been many government's efforts to support the arts. Regarding this, some people argue that the integrity of the arts can be undermined because the government who financially funds the arts could influence the artists by enforcing specific topics and contents in a way that the government wants. However, contrary to this opinion, I claim that, the government's support is highly necessary to improve the arts and provide ordinary people with more opportunities to enjoy the arts.

Admittedly, some artists who are financially supported by government can be influenced by the government. This is evident that when some institutes and people provide helpful support, then the beneficiaries cannot help but having positive attitude toward the supporter and tend to try to meet the supporting goal and needs of patrons. Thus, the supported artists from the government are likely to be willing to follow the government and reflect the value and topics to which the government wants. For example, when a nation wins the war, the nation sometimes provides the funding to the artists in order to create art to justify the many problems occurred in the process on war and promote their victory. In this case, the artistic inspiration and works can be affected by the government and the purity of the art can be destroyed.

However, nevertheless such negative aspect, the government's funding is highly necessary since it can encourage many artists to create great art works and also it can provide more opportunity for ordinary people to enjoy the art works. This is because the funds for arts from the government make it possible for artists to escape from the hungry and inspire them to focus on their art works. As one example of the most successful government's support for the art, the United States ensured the art industry to thrive through the New deal for arts projects. In the great depression period, the president Roosevelt initiated the government's art supporting project in order to provide employment for the poor artists. After this project, not only many artists could obtain the job but also many ordinary people could enjoy the creative and beautiful artistic works in public places more easily. One of the artists who could success thanks to this New deal government project is the Jackson Pollock. He got the opportunity to create his unique art works since the government recognized and gave a great number of financial resourses for him. Through this support, he created a lot of art works which many people today love. Furthermore, because his works were displayed in the public buildings, many people at that time could appreciate and enjoy the great work. As this example shows, the government's support is helpful to encourage artist to create the work and thanks to the motivated artists, the people can have more opportunity to enjoy the art. This implies that the funding from the government is necessary and helpful for artists and ordinary people too.

Furthermore, even if the artists who are supported by the government can be influenced by the government, the effect may be negligent. This is because it is difficult to limit the boundary of the art works. In other words, there are tens of thousands of artists and many methods to express the artistic inspiration, so, even if the government tries to intervene in the art creation process by funding the artists, it is impossible to control the limitless art world enough to undermine the integrity of art. Also, these days, many artistic organizations are well-established and art experts have the consciousness against the unfair intervention from the government, so it is difficult for the government to exert the influence to the pure artists. Furthermore, the well-developed communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blog will not tolerate the government to hinder the integral and original artistic creation by threatening the integrity of art. This implies that even if the government funds the artists, their intervention in art will not be serious enough to destroy the integrity of art. Thus, when the government funds the art, there are more advantages.

To sum, it is necessary for the government to support the art. The rationale behind this is that its funding can help the artists to thrive and enable many people to be readily exposed to the art works. Also, the integrity of art is difficult to be seriously threatened because the government can't control the limitless art world and there are many factors which check the government's unfair art threatening behavior.

orbital188 1 / 1  
Aug 27, 2015   #2
For long time,→ For a long time,
I claim that, the government's support... → I claim that the government's support...
financial resourses →financial resources
art works → artworks
having positive attitude → having a positive attitude
for arts projects → for art projects
their intervention in art → their intervention in the art
it can provide more opportunity → it can provide more opportunities
One of the artists who could success → One of the artists who could succeed
is the Jackson Pollock → is Jackson Pollock (no article is used with a person's name, including first name, middle name, last name, and nickname)

,so, even if → ,so even if
To sum, → To sum up,
can't → can not

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