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It attained 200.000 spectators? History of Circus as The Amusement Show

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Oct 12, 2016   #1
One of the oldest amusement show in the world is Circus. In the history, Circus was watched by a lot of inhabitants attaining 200.000 spectators. It had become the games with numerous of animals developing to be popular for centuries. Commonly, Circus was held in the midst of coliseums, arena and racetracks of long-standing world.

The first ancient nation relishing the circus is The ancient Romans. About sixth century B.C, the city of Rome founded the Circus Maximus as a venue for the national amusement. Besides, the Circus Maximus also arranged gladiator match and the exotic animal display such as elephants and tigers.

In the late 1700s, England grew to be the first state developing the advanced circus. Phillip Astley, an Englishman, established the earliest modern circus. He carried out his deed in the circle of the indoor arena and another of his breakthrough, within an indoor stadium. After his penetration became famous, he was requested by Louis XV to conduct such a show in France.

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Oct 12, 2016   #2
Hello Afdhel,

In the history,in the last century , Circus was watched by ...
Commonly, Circusthese was held in the midst ...

... relishing the circus iswas The ancient Romans.

After his penetrationexhibition became famous, he ...

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