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The attendance of Higher education students in the class

Anhy chan 12 / 23 1  
Apr 6, 2017   #1
University students should have right about wheter they attend the classes or not?

students' presence in a school

It seems to be true that higher education level is dominated by adult learners. As such, many claim that the students in university can choose to attend the classes or not because they have right to do so. Albeit the institution has their specific role regarding the student presence, I prefer to agree with this notion due to several justifications.

First and and foremost, studying in university is different with studying in the school. This comparison can be seen from the curriculum they used. University's curriculum has designed to be more flexible based on each major's need. Likewise, the source of information that lecturer used is more variatif and sometimes can be found in internet. That is why, student can learn it outside the class. Hence, it proves that student can determine their presence or absentation in the class room.

Another justification comes from the fact that university students tend to get involved in many different organisations in order for improving their self-development. As a result, they can not stay in the class totally. Interrestingly, there a lot of cases that someone who is seldom following the class has a high achievement too. Taking my friend, vera, as instance. She is very active in her research organisation. Thus, she rare to involve class, but she usually learn her subject outside the class or lend her friend's book. Ultimately, she has a high score in her class and being the best graduate in her major. This example has proven that absenteeism is not the only one measurement to be glorious in university. More than that, the key word is how students managing their priority.

In conclusion, although a fully presence is good for student, it seems to me that it will be wrong for obligating university's student for this rule. I personally prefer to saying that they have right to consider some decision whether they attend classes or vice versa. Furthermore, students in higher education need to develope their self with enrole in several organisations.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,837 4174  
Apr 6, 2017   #2
Sriwidayani, the first problem of this essay is that you did not include the original prompt requirement in the presentation of the essay instructions. A provided title does not us what we need to know about the requirements of the topic you are being asked to discuss. It is important that you always attach the original instructions when you as us to review your essay.

The second problem with your essay has a lot to do with the first problem. The opening statement must always be a proper paraphrasing of the original prompt topic and required discussion instructions, prior to the presentation of your opinion. In this instance, your paraphrasing is not clear. It does not really tell the reader what the topic is about in an understandable manner and your outline for discussion is non-existent. So when you present your opinion to the reader, the question becomes "What is this person talking about?" These problems will result in a failing task accuracy score.

Your lexical resource should never include localized language such as "variatif". It is imperative that you use only accurate American or British English words (depending upon the kind of test you are taking). When you use localized (English) slang, the examiner will most likely not know what you are talking about and consider this a lexical error, which will result in deducted points based upon unfamiliarity with the English language.

When you speak of your friend Vera, make sure the capitalize her name as that is a proper noun. Your last sentence is incorrect because you used the term "keyword" which means one word that delivers the meaning of a sentence. In this sentence, you required a whole phrase to describe the subject of the sentence. So you should have said "Key words" or "Key Phrase" instead.
akbarmappiare 31 / 469 275  
Apr 6, 2017   #3
Hi Sriwidayani, I have read your writing closely. Turning to a detailed description, I have found you have needed a few improvement.
First, if you wanna get a high score, you are supposed to show clearly what you will explain in the body paragraph. I meant you included the keywords of your perspective in your thesis statement. Avoid using layman opinion such as "this essay will review several justifications". Honestly, you got a big problem for your explanation in the first body paragraph. Yours seemed explaining a different topic. That seemed you compared between school and university curricula. Please, you focus on the topic. Make sure that what you write is what you mind. Following that, you have still made a large number of minor errors grammatically. You still get confused clearly of usage of the article. There were problems of verb agreement. Well, those are minor errors, but they can reduce your score because you do it more.

For your conclusion, your statement confuses reviewers. Actually, you only need to paraphrase your thesis statement to figure out the conclusion. However, I personally think that your progress is good because you have got the basic pattern in writing the essay.

I believe you can master this section on condition that you wanna practice more and more

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