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Should authorities spend money on transportation infrastructure investments or not?

minh2001 1 / -  
Dec 11, 2018   #1

road development

As the number of cars increase, more money has to be spent on road systems. Some people think the government should pay for this. Others, however, think that the driver should cover the costs. Discuss both view and give your opinion

People's opinion differs as to whether or not the authority should spend money on transportation infrastructure investment. While, some inhabitants suppose that it is better to let the drivers take responsibility for covering this cost. I still believe that both car owner and government have an important road to play in this matter.

On the one hand, there are several reasons why people argue that government need to pay for the construction and maintenance of roads. Firstly, the amount of tax that taxpayers frequently pay should be used for the road developments and it is the government responsibility. Secondly, car buyers have to pay an exorbitant tax on road usage when purchasing a car. It may be unfair if they are, once more time, forced to pay for infrastructure investment. As a result, the car owner will reduce an unnecessary burden on them when a government spend on public services like road systems.

On the other hand, there are some evidences that drivers should cover the road developing costs. Firstly, the driver would become more and more responsible when their incomes are allocated for road costs. As a result, they would change from a careless driver to show more concern about transportation systems. Secondly, it may cause a decrease in the number of drivers because the more money from divers will be spent on road systems, they will have tended to rely on public vehicles in order to reduce the financial loss. As a consequence, the number of private cars will decline

In conclusion, both sides should cooperate with each other with a view to maintain proper transportation methods.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,832 2126  
Dec 12, 2018   #2
Minh, there are instances when writing that the composer of the text needs to use simpler language to create a well written sentence. In the case of "... taxpayers frequently use", the more appropriate word to use is "often" as the latter word makes the text easier to understand and respond to on the reader's side.

Using concise language also pays off better for the writer as it delivers a more appropriate and formal discussion presentation. That is the situation in the reference to; "As a consequence the number of cars..." The more acceptable presentation is "Therefore, the number of cars" or "Consequently, the number of cars..."

Also consider using more descriptive adjectives such as "monetary loss" instead of " financial loss". Remember, the simple English expressions, when done properly can earn you a higher score than trying to show off using complex words that cause undue stress for the reader.

Try to use more concise language in your essay as well. For example, when you say "the authority should spend..." there is a lack of proper reference as to who the "authority" is. However, had you said "the national government should spend..." the reader immediately knows who the authority being referenced is. These types of small word choice clarity presentation results in more cohesive paragraphs.

Your prompt paraphrase is incomplete and creates a prompt diversion in the essay. Always discuss the essay as indicated:

Discussion Instruction: Discuss both view and give your opinion
Your Outline Response: I still believe that both car owner and government have an important road to play in this matter.

Hence the prompt deviation on your part which would make the essay fail in the task accuracy section, thus failing the whole test when you consider the grammar and sentence structure errors indicated above which will also result in low scores on a per consideration basis. The correct instruction paraphrase is:

For this essay, both sides will considered in terms of merits to help me create an educated opinion of the discussion topic.

Based on your prompt discussion, you are only discussing a personal opinion throughout creating a 2 reasoning paragraph discussion when it should have been a 3 paragraph reasoning discussion. Therefore, the essay you wrote does not deliver the expected requirements for this type of discussion instruction.

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