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Authority, professionalism, and preplanning -an important skill a person should learn

winchesters 3 / 9  
Sep 8, 2011   #1
topic...What is an important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in world today. Choose one skill and use specific examples and reasons to support your answer.

In order to be a successful person one needs to be prepared on various fronts as life puts a lot of obligations on us. In my view, the most important skill to live a successful life is the ability to work under pressure. This skill is always desirable in any stage of life. Whether it is about the life of a student, a professional worker and a president, this skill ensures their success.

The art of working under pressure plays a fundamental role in success of a student. As life is full of trials, and emergencies come all of a sudden. It might possible a student has to endure a predicament or plight just few days before final exams, for instance, death of some relative or lack of financial assistance. In such situations a person has to take an important decision, in case of a student, about giving up exams or try to get over such crisis by meditation, self confidence and most importantly ability to bear pressure.

In practical life, the adjunct of this skill helps a person to win. Think about a pilot or a driver, who may have to suffer the dilemma when an accident could be right away. Think about a doctor whose responsibility is to save people and in case of failure he is considered to be amenable. If they all have ability of enduring the stress by avoiding hallucinations, they can save a lot of lives and their livings too.

A president has to maintain national as well as international relationships. A common citizen may consider a president, a most authoritative person. But when it is about survival of the country or other delicate situations then he has to take decisions with cool mind. If he or she has the art of working under pressure, then they can solve any conflict smoothly in an android manner.

Authority, professionalism, and preplanning are the factors that can't be helpful in all situations. However the ability to consider a problem not a problem and then get over it by thinking that it is just a temporary situation determines the success of a person.

basawang 10 / 76  
Sep 8, 2011   #2
1. You mentioned "obligations" in the first paragraph; however, I think your essay is about how to deal with dilemmas or challenges. Perhaps "difficulties" is a more appropriate choice.

2. "whether...or..." not "whether...and..."

3. In the third paragraph, the word "win" may be inappropriate. This is because in the following passage you mentioned how to overcome difficulties, not how to win a game.

4. In the third paragraph, "avoiding hallucinations" is not a method to endure the stress. I am not sure whether this is the right expression. Maybe you need to delete it.

5. What is "android manner"?

6. In the last paragraph, you did not mention preplanning in this article. Perhaps you need to add a new passage to demonstrate the causal relationship between preplanning and success.
OP winchesters 3 / 9  
Sep 9, 2011   #3
thank you very much...these suggesstions will help me a lot.
first paragraph...i think we can use AS in place of Because.
android...spelling mistake....it should be adroid(skillful)
basawang 10 / 76  
Sep 9, 2011   #4
Dear Winchesters,

I look up in the dictionary and some Internet resources.

I believe the correct spelling is "adroit".

Here are some synonyms and antonyms of adroit.

Synonyms of adroit:
accomplished/adept/consummate/deft/dexterous/expert/handy/masterly/pra cticed/proficient/skillful

Antonyms of adroit:
awkward/bungling/clumsy/ham-handed/handless/inept/maladroit/ungainly/u nhandy

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