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[AWS] Pros and cons of permissive parenting style

symptom 1 / -  
Oct 24, 2012   #1
I've just collected this writing task from IELTS examination collection arrayed in 2012 and decided to give it a go. I truly long for response from you.

Writing task 2.1 (Australia - 2012): Some people say that children should follow their instinct and be allowed to behave as free as they want, while other disagree. Discuss both view and make your opinion.

In the present ages, many parents believe that it is much better to establish a parameter-free family environment in which their children are allowed to behave by inclination. This prevanlently parenting style, recently, has sparked a heated debate. In the scope of this essay, writer will investigate profoundly both its merits and demerits.

That this up-bringing method can bring about a pleasant relationship between parents and their offsprings and promote the sense of independence for kids is an idea espoused by permissive parents. Indeed, when children's interest, behaviour are not always reprimended, it will be easy for them to get on well with their parents, theraby making a contribution to eliminate obnoxious distress in family relationships and eventually to nurturing a warm atsmosphere at home. Moreover, living exempt from parental control, children have a chance to explore the world by themselves and make their own dicisions. This can consequently motivate independence, which is regarded as a pivotal skills in their adulthood.

However, on the flip sides, there are also myriad of potential pitfalls hiden in this rearing appoach, which can result in an epidemic of parents' grief. To start with, children of this parenting method usually think that the whole world will pader to their desires in a similar way. This can lead to irrevocable disappointments later in life. In fact, they are prone to suffer from frustration when they can not achieve what they want. Moreover, when living self-regulatedly without adequate parental guidance, children may not have the capability to know from right and wrong, which can cause resultant misbehavior. In deed, they tend to partake in anti social activities, and behave in outrageous manner which is often perceived as inconsiderate, spoilt or self-centred.

After weighting up the pros and cons, I assert that this parenting style bring about more adverse effects than positive one. Besides showing affection children affection, it's parents' responsibility to impose certain boundaries for their kids so that they can obtain vital skills to get on well with life.

Thank in advance.

linmark 2 / 328 7  
Nov 5, 2012   #2
Hello symptom,
Your essay is clear, but needs more examples to back up why you do not agree with permissive parenting. What dire consequence can this have specifically?

In deed, they tend to partake in anti social activities, and behave in AN outrageous manner which is often perceived as inconsiderate, spoilt or self-centred (SELF-CENTERED). - what do you mean here by "outrageous manner"?

Also many typos throughout (corrected one here in CAPS!)

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