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'TV is not that bad' - Television's positive and negative effects.

rajgill378 1 / -  
Jun 3, 2012   #1
Television is now wide spread in all communities almost every one has access to this medium on a daily basis. However the effects of television is not always positive.

What are some of the negative effects of television?
What can be done to minimize these bad effects?

Now a days its era of science and technology and television is one of the best inventions of science among the time. Although, it is very good way of audio-visual communication that relates the world in a new style but it does have some negative impact on the society that is not negotiable.

Firstly, it is a global fact that access of anything is bad whatever it would be in type. Watching TV for too long periods does not make sense, it also makes people lazy and pessimistic in daily life. It kills creativity of the audience too because they start watching it so recklessly. However, the advancement of technology has reduced the vision effect on eyesight, it rather invites the people to watch television more that makes the people sofa-spud. Moreover, television implements its own extraneous knowledge on the onlookers whether they are interested or not.

On the contrary, each coin has two sides, it depends on the audience which side they choose. The matter children are concerned they must be allowed to watch the television under the supervision of their parents or grand parents who could guide them for their pros and cons. In addition, the sensor boards should be thoughtful about the programs telecasted on television for instance many times it have happened in India that sensor boards had certified the program that later lead to the disorder in society. Such things create a particular feeling and cause hate or violence in the public.

To cap it up, it will be wise to say that television is not that bad how the people make it the way the watch, the need is to watch it wisely not blindly.

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