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The bar chart compares the number of 15-year old students chose to study French and Japanese

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Nov 20, 2021   #1

choice from two particular foreign languages during study

The bar chart depicts two languages, namely French and Japanese in terms of the number of 15-year-old students selecting to study in a particular school in Australia over a ten-year period between 2005 and 2015.

Overall, What stands out from the chart is that there was an upward trend in the figure of students who decided to study Japanese while that of students choosing to study French experienced a downward trend. The most striking feature of the chart is that French was always the most popular over the period.

As regards the decreasing trend, in 2005, the number of 15-year-old students selecting French to study was 13 times as much as that of students choosing Japanese to study, at exactly 130 students. After that year, the figure of students learning French underwent a considerable drop, with most of the decrease occurring in a 5-year period later, from 130 students to 90 students.Having reached a trough, that number rose fractionally, followed by a fluctuation between 90 and 98 students.

Conversely, there was a dramatic growth in the figure of 15-year-old students selecting Japanese to study, from 10 students to a peak of 85 students in 2010. Despite a significant rise, it is obvious that there were considerably fewer pupils studying Japanese than students learning French. Following this, the number of pupils choosing Japanese to learn saw a slight drop, after which it varied between 65 students and 67 students. At the end of the period, this number finished at 65 students, which is 27 students less than the number of students learning French.
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Nov 21, 2021   #2
the number of 15-year-old students selecting to study

Selecting to study what? The summary must be clear about its reference to the age group in relation to their interest in studying languages. The current presentation does not make that clear.

Good work on the trending paragraph.That overview was well developed and presented. It clearly showed what the discussion flow will be about.

One thing I noticed is that you tend to use value equivalents throughout the analysis paragraph. That proves to be a problem for the reader who does not have access to the image. A situation that occurred here. Without the image to refer to, I was lost while reading your presentation. Avoid using equivalents and refer directly to the numerical values instead That delivers a clearer analysis to the reader regardless of the image presence in the report.

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