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Writing is the basis for all education and is too often overshadowed in schools today

Nov 17, 2008   #1
Here's an essay I wrote on the importance of writing. Please leave some feedback.

With the capability to concoct a work of art from written words, an ample writing ability is crucial to a successful education and career. An education is more than merely effective test taking, which is how most students are guided by their teachers, who strive to meet state standards under any circumstances. With the immense power to influence and persuade others with words, a proficient writing education should be established before a student graduates high school, which is becoming increasingly insufficient because of schools focusing predominantly upon standardized test.

To begin with, standardized test have become more of an educational impediment than an educational advancement. Too often is an abundance of class time designated to preparing for such exams. State standards for competency assessments put pressure on teachers to instruct students on predetermined material, which often stresses the importance of arithmetic over writing, the foundation of education. Unfortunately, students commonly perceive that acknowledgement of achievement comes through preforming well on multiple choice standardized test, which is understandable considering schools are evaluated based on how well students do on these exams; however, an education consist of more than simply testing. In lieu of captivating, creative classrooms, where writing can flourish, classes are teeming with anxiety over upcoming test and high scores. As high school students graduate with the lack of a substantial writing education, the art of intellectual writing will slowly dissipate thanks to the stress and pressure of standardized test.

On the other hand, standardized test are the most widely accepted means for determining academic achievement of schools; however, there are others ways to assess a students success. Although there seems to be no inclination to diverge from the status quo of such test, there desperately needs to be more emphasis on writing in the classrooms.

In addition, writing is a pivotal, fundamental skill not only for an education but a career as well. Though a career may not be primarily oriented around writing, the necessity to write well often surfaces in a myriad of careers. If one is unable to acquire these prerequisites before graduating high school, the prospect of progression in the work force is limited. As reported by the College Board last year, corporations spend more than three billion dollars a year for their employees to enlist in remedial writing instruction classes. They continue by adding that they "express a fair degree of dissatisfaction with the writing of recent college graduates"(source). An expansion of writing education prior to college entry is crucial for career success. A plethora of careers require the need of accomplished writing skills for promotions or advancement. According to a report by The Conference Board in 2006, 49% of participating employers rated writing as "very important" in the work environment(source). If these writing abilities are instilled in our minds early, they will remain established throughout a lifetime.

Furthermore, the ability to write well can have a profound impact on our lives. One who is able to write well is able to convey creativity, intelligence, and emotion into something that could influence many lives. For example, The Declaration of Independence, The Emancipation Proclamation, and The Constitution are well written documents by some of the most erudite scholars in history, which had colossal influence on our lives as Americans. Moreover, religious writings, such as the Bible and the Koran, continue to radically influence the lives of the faithful as they have been doing for many a year. A lucid example of such influence can be seen through the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany, where his written word and supreme speaking guided and controlled the Nazi Party. Writing can be an art, but it's the task of the artist to construct the masterpiece. Without the competency and practice of basic writing skills, no adept works of written art can be fabricated nor can any lives be influenced.

In conclusion, writing is the basis for all education and is too often overshadowed in schools today. With the excruciating pressure and anxiety standardized test put on students, it seems only logical to implement more writing exercises and practices, which can be quite therapeutic when dealing with such stress. It would not only benefit high school graduates to be more enlightened for college, but they would be better prepared for their careers as well. Writing has played a major part in influencing our history and will continue to affect our future. Without the application of more writing instruction and practice in our schools, future generations are to be severely hindered from potential brilliance and success.

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