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To the beach or to the mountains on vacation time? Writing Task 2

Isna Fauziah 1 / -  
Jan 4, 2021   #1

Holiday to the beach or mountain

According to some person, go to mountain is the good choice for doing holiday. Meanwhile, another people think that joining friends to the beach have a good quality time for them. Generallly, I agree that both of them have some beneficial itself. For example, hiking to mountain have relaxing effect for individual and going to the beach give the best alternative to having fun with friends.

It is important for people to consider about the leisure time with hiking to the mountain, because looking the mountain would give positive effect to relaxing mind and refreshing the eyes. For example camping to Rinjani Mountain in West Nusa Tenggara, we can see the amazing view of nature such as the lack, hill, cloud, and another awesome picture. By enjoying the best creature in this world, it can be result to increasing the positive energy that so powerful. It is clear that spending holiday in the mountain is the best consideration.

It is important to someone who wants spending time with closest friends to going the beach, because in the beach we can doing fun activities with friends. For instance travelling to Raja Ampat beach in Papua, in there we can do some water sport such as banana boat, beach volleyball, and the other exciting activities. As a result, by having fun with friends in the beach give a great experience that unforgettable moment. It is clear that enjoying holiday with the friend to beach is a best choice.

In conclusion, although spending holiday with hiking the mountain is the best activities for relaxing the body and mind, going to the beach with the friends is the best choice for having fun. It is suggested that people who want get a meaningful journey in the leisure time to go to the mountain
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,511 3437  
Jan 4, 2021   #2
Please provide the complete prompt next time. It will help me better assess your work based on the discussion instructions and requirements. I will give a general review of your paper for now.

You cannot use both a singular and plural reference in the same paragraph. The first paragraph has sentence grammar issues because, in the first sentence you refer to "some person" but in the next sentence address "another people". Be uniform in your numerical reference. Since the original prompt refers to the plural form, your alternate reference words should also be in the plural format.

Do not start your paragraphs with redundant phrases such as "It is important ..." This shows a limited grammar range on your part and an incapacity to form original topic sentences. You clearly show an ability to use only memorized phrases, which will definitely have a direct effect on your TA and GRA score.

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