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'it was a beautiful day' - Descriptive Essay - Lifetime event

Incorporate the peer edit and instructor feedback to create your final, revised 3-page draft. Did you remember to include at least five complex sentences which you labled and varied conjunctions? Did you remember to double-check and revise to include only first person pronouns? Did you focus the paper on the impact of the experience? Will the reader know how you've changed or what you've learned? Upload via file exchange.

The morning of September 11th, 2001, was just like any other. I was 10 years old at the time, turning 11 in less than one month. If I remember correctly, it was a beautiful day. The sun was bright and the sky was blue as the deepest ocean. It's a Tuesday morning, around 9:00 a.m. I was just coming back from Math class to start my Science class. It was a normal day, like any other day with the exception that on this day my teacher had the small television on with the news. She was sitting at her desk telling the kids to calm down because something horrible just happen. All the kids just took a seat in their plastic desks and watched what was going on. You could feel a lot of tension in the classroom. I knew something bad had happened. When everyone asked her what was going on she told us that a plane had crashed into a building. At the time I, was young and didn't fully understand what was going on; however, now I understand the great impact 9/11 had on the world we live in.

I'm in class watching the news and all I comprehend so far is that airplanes have been hijacked by some terrorist group and they have crashed into some buildings called the Twin Towers and that it was an act of something called terrorism. My teacher goes on to explain that terrorism is the pretty much the act of inflicting terror or fear upon naturally, someone or something. I was worried about the safe keeping of the people on the plane and the buildings that were hit. I start to fully realize what's going on as I watch continue to watch as one of the Twin Towers fell to the ground, crumbling down like blocks from a finished game of Jenga. The second Twin Tower following shortly thereafter, leaving dust and debris enveloping the crowded streets of New York City, like a huge tsunami. Civilians ran away screaming in fear, running into the first shop or office building in sight. An aerial view of the city shows the streets painted in a white cloud of dust. School was canceled early that day. I got to go home with my older brother well some people had to take the bus or wait for a parent to pick them up.

My brother was telling me all about what was going on. As soon as we get home, we quickly turned on the news once again, trying to find out more information about this horrifying tragedy. They would show clips of people jumping out of windows in desperation. We also found out that two more airplanes were hijacked, one of which went crashing into The Pentagon which is the headquarters of the Department of Defense. The other was meant to crash into a target in Washington, D.C., but passengers realized what was happening and fought back, causing the plane to crash into an empty field in rural Pennsylvania. The anchorman who I don't remember the name of, goes on to explain that this is the worst act of terrorism since the Oklahoma bombing and that thousands of people are expected to have died. He also says that so far, there were no plane passenger survivors. My heart sunk like a lead weight that had dropped in to the middle of the ocean. I was devastated! I felt absolutely horrified.

I continue to watch as the day is coming to a close. The President of the United States, George W. Bush, appears on the news to deliver a speech about the day's events. He was clearly in shock; obviously, hurt and surprised that this happened. The main suspect for these attacks was a man by the name of Osama Bin Laden. He attacked our country once before, but failed in his attempt to blow up the World Trade Centers in 1993. As the days turn to weeks, a terrorist group by the name of Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks. I felt a lot of rage inside me, hot as the earth's core. All I could think about was, "How could you devastate thousands of family's lives just to prove a point." Eventually, the President and Congress, declare a war, which is now known by as the War on Terrorism.

The day after, I notice a lot of businesses and schools had their American flags waving at half-staff. It demonstrated truly how heroic, patriotic, and sincere the American people really were. It also showed that in the end, we are united as one, and that we have to stick together to come out on top.

Now, ten years later, I write this and see the impacts of September 11th. Since that tragedy, I have joined the United States Army to help defend against the enemies of the United States. With President Barack Obama helping locate Osama Bin Laden and ending the war in Iraq, reflecting on what has happen. I remember that thousands of my brother soldiers were killed almost daily in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was the shot heard around the world. It will be sketched in my brain as well as that of trillions of people. When people think about that horrifying day in history, they will remember millions of tears fell to the ground along with those towers. People who lost their loved ones on the planes and inside the towers, will never forget September 11th. I am forever grateful for the men and woman that serve this great nation. Many have given their lives for the freedom and justice of America. Today, I am proud to say that I am an American.

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