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"8 Beauty Products Safe to Share" - Summary Article

hirani03 36 / 50 5  
Aug 18, 2016   #1
In the last post, I shared summary about 10 beauty products you should never ever share. Now, I would like to elucidate about 8 products that safe to share. Here they are.

1. Pump Product
Pump products are safe to share because the contamination risk is insignificant as long as women never come in contact with the products. Hair products, foundation, and lotion are some examples of pump products.

2. Liquid foundation
Liquid foundation is safe to share when it is in a pump form, or if you apply it using a clean sponge without touching the applicator to your face. Before do that, make sure you have the similar skin tone to your friends.

3. Loose powder
Bacteria did not available to life in the dry condition. This is the reason loose powder has a less of a risk to transfer to your friends.

4. Powder shadows
Powder shadow is not dangerous to shared use as long as you spray them down with alcohol.
5. Lip and eye pencils
Before apportion your lip and eye pencil, make sure to keep dip your eye or lip sharpener is in alcohol once a week, so that it can be germ-free. Another alternative way to keep it safe in using, spray it down with an alcohol-based makeup spray.

6. Eyelash curler
Eyelash curler made of metal and stainless steel. It means harmless to divide up because of hard for bacteria life there. As long as you routine to wipe it off every time after using for cleanliness.

7. Nail polish
The only way you might infect by any type of spreading apart when it uses without sterilization. It is important to keep the nail polish in clean condition after your friends use it.

8. Hair brushes
Dr. Engelman explained the only thing to worry about sharing brush is transferring lice. Since brushes are generally not expensive, she suggested better to buy a travel brush. It can help to minimize the presence of lice.


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Aug 18, 2016   #2
Hi Hikuma.
I have seen your writing. Actually, you show the better result for the writing skill. You are able to reduce your grammar mistakes in a few days. However, there is a problem which you should tackle. This is less attractive. The reason is because you describe the information like the data list. In the great summary, the flow of the writing has been finding in this. It also does not show your skill to arrange the words to be the important information. I do not wanna comment more because I have not found the basic of the summary yet in your summaries. Please, pay attention to my notice. I really hope you can work your summary following instructions.

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