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It is becoming increasingly popular among students to have a year off between finishing school

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Dec 24, 2018   #1
It is becoming increasingly popular to have a year off between finishing school and going to university.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

experiencing a year break after high school graduation

It is more and more popular, nowadays, to experience a year break after high school graduation before starting a tertiary education. Although it is beneficial for the student as this will relax and condition the mind, there are some identified drawbacks attached.

Firstly, one benefit of having a year off before entering into a higher education is mental conditioning and relaxing. This will allow the person to get rid of the accumulated stress from the previous schooling. As a result, she or he can start fresh and ready to face the possible extreme challenges. For example, a person can travel to other places,during a year break, to unwind and relax because one great vacation can give more positivity in the mind. Therefore, student will do great in his or her studies. Secondly, taking a year gap is advantageous for the reason that this will enable the student to completely prepare the necessities. Moreover, each and every university requirements and even the tuition fees are prepared and readily available. Thus, studying in a higher education after a break for one whole year will not be of an issue since everything needed is settled and ready.

On the other hand, one problem of a year delay of entering college after finishing school is that the student might loose interest. In other words, the motivation to study will be gone or vanished and no longer felt. This might result to failures as she or he is not driven to do great. Another negative aspect is that the person will not proceed in continuing her or his university studies. Take for example, my sister, she stopped schooling for a year after her highschool graduation, and started to work in a famous bakery. By the time of enrollment, she told my parents that baking is her passion and decided to continue her job. Consequently, when taking a long break, which is one year, before enrolling to a tertiary school will make the student to forget the real value and importance of completing a higher education.

In conclusion, while a student can benefit from a long-year break before studying for a higher education, it can also lead to loosing of interest to further study and the worst,she or he will not pursue her tertiary education.
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Dec 25, 2018   #2
Hi. Your essay is quite good in term of lexical resources and reasons provided. However, you were over discussing your essay, as you were just writing a "quantity" essay (wordy essay) but not a "quality" essay at all. In addition, because you wrote too much, so you did not pay heed to your grammar, therefore I've spotted some mistakes and weird structures in your essay, to name a few:

It is more and more ... => Nowadays, it is more and more popular to experience...
... start fresh and be ready . What is start fresh? You mean he or she can be in a good mood in order to face with later challenges?

and the worst => and even in the worst scenario,....
Hope it helps.

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