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TOEFL - 'Beethoven' - A person in history whom you want to talk to

hovan0201 5 / 3  
Sep 28, 2012   #1
Music has become an essential part of every one's life and many musical artists have also been idols of many people. Since a child, I had chance to enjoy a lot of works of Beethoven, a great pianist and composer in 19th century. If I had a chance to travel back to human historical time, I would see him at all cost.

The first motive urging me to meet him is his talent. It's undeniable that each of Beethoven's sonatas presents a very different melody and meaning. The subtlety and gentleness of his music make him become a great musician of Classic and Romantic School. If had chance to talk to him, I would spend most of my time to understand what is his key to the success in music which I have pursued and regarded as my best friend.

The second reason why I would like to see him is his fortitude. Everyone knows that his hearing ability became impaired when he was just at the age of adolescence. However, he did not give up his composing career. A lot of works were written and most of them are well-received during his difficult time. Speaking to him will help me understand more deeply about how a person can overcome hazards to succeed. This will be a good lesson for me to develop my own ability to adapt to harsh conditions in my life.

The third reason for my wish is his loneliness. Beethoven gained a lot of love and admire from audience but he had to spend most of his time with loneliness. I just want to become a friend of him so that he has opportunities to share his life stories as well as secret feelings inside him, making him be happier.

To cut a story short, Beethoven will be forever one of the greatest musicians in human hearts. I believe that I'm not an exception wishing of seeing him. His talent as well as his fortitude is always a good thing to follow. However, he also needs friend. If possible, just come to talk to him and share with him!

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