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Begin learning foreign language in primary school, advantages and disadvantages?

pros and cons of foreign language early study

[1]Nowaday, globalization is the main trend of society, therefore learning foreign language is considered the top priority. [2] Some specialists believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

[3] On the negative side, children who study at primary school are still not completely aware of the importance of foreign languages. [4] They are still giddy and do anything which they want so they don't study foreign languages hardly. [5] In contrast, children at secondary school know that foreign languages are significantly important for the careers for the future. [6] Therefore, they determine how to study foreign languages effectively .[7] In other side, learning foreign languages early, in the primary school, can make children to lost their mother language.[8] This lead children to don't know some special cultural such as folk songs and fairy tales.

[9] Although learning foreign languages at primary school of children has some disadvantages, in my opinion those are not serious problems and there still exist many advantages. [10] Firstly, the experts said that children who are eight to ten years old is developing and improving mindset and skills thus they will acquire knowledge and imitate very quickly. [11]This development lead they to learn foreign languages easier than children at secondary school. [12] Secondly, the burden of learning of primary school student is significantly less than secondary school student . [13] At secondary school, students must study over ten subjects while students at primary school only study four or five subjects. [14] Therefore, primary school students have many time to study foreign languages rather than students at secondary school. [15] Finally, children who are taught foreign languages from primary school in formal ways will learn foreign languages very fast and they approach foreign languages at the difficult level significantly easier.

[16] In conclusion, I really agree that learning foreign languages from primary school of children is very useful, necessary and significant better learning foreign languages from secondary school of children.

Aug 11, 2017   #2
Min, the discussion you presented was confusing for me to read because of the numbering that you did. While those numbers probably make sense to you and your tutor, it only serves to confuse the people who read your essay here. Please omit the posting of numbers with your succeeding essays as it does not serve a purpose at this forum.

You did well in delivering a compare and contrast discussion of the two sides of the issue. However, you did not clearly represent a paragraph that discusses a final opinion regarding whether or not the advantages of early learning outweighs the disadvantages. Thus a gap was created in your discussion as there was no clear final word, not a personal opinion, because that is not required of the prompt requirement, just a final idea as to what the public perception might really be regarding the topic.

The conclusion is not very strong because it does not follow the requisite cohesiveness and coherence ruling that every paragraph must be composed of fully developed statements. A paragraph is considered complete only when it has 3-5 sentences representing the following information:

1. Original prompt
2. Discussion summary
3. Closing sentence

While you did present a closing sentence, you would have scored better in terms of TA and GRA considerations had you written at least 3 sentences in the concluding paragraph.

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