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IELTS : Which behaviour of teachers is efficient; Strict or friendly?

shaddy 17 / 47 7  
Jun 2, 2013   #1
Some people agree that teachers should be strict with their students; others believe that teachers with friendly approach will achieve better results.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Teacher and student's relationship has always been in questions. At one side, there are the people who speak in the favour of a friendly approach of teaching the students whereas on the other side, some people believe that teachers must be strict and should not tolerate any negligence from the students. In rest of the essay, I shall analyse both sides of the arguments and present my opinion based on that.

The commenters who prefer the strict approach of teaching for students often reason with the nature of human. They strongly believe that in order to teach something one has to impose the rules and majority of humans do not follow it until they are being strictly forced to act on it. For example, talking about students if teachers do not set deadline on the classwork or assignments, no student would do it. Moreover, the strict behaviour of a teacher causes the student to complete their work with attention. According to the people, strictness of a teacher is a key towards making the student valuable.

On the other hand, however, the people who prefer teacher's lenience over strictness for students provide the reason of better learning in friendly environment. They believe that humans understand the language of love. The unnecessary strictness may divert a student's mind towards negative things. They argue that students learn more efficiently and quickly when they are not subjected under stress. A teacher's light and good sense of humour may help a student to learn even the most difficult parts of the subject. Furthermore, students feel more comfortable to the teachers. As a result, they ask questions without hesitation.

To summarise, I believe that a mixed approach should be followed as both approaches are correct to a certain level.

JangGemini 8 / 51 12  
Jun 2, 2013   #2
I think a partial opinion will be more efficient and gain higher score :D I learn TOEFL but in my essay assignment, I usually have the similar kinds of topic. My teacher advised me to choose one side and prove it. It shows the grader your personality and a clear mind. In my opinion, I believe that teachers with comfortable attitude will manage their students better. ( I have one, she's cool)

Good luck! ^^
rememberwhen - / 3  
Jun 2, 2013   #3
right! hihi
following me! it's not difficult to study if you dont patient, but the teacher always strict you, it's very difficult to study, i want to something comfortable and easy . but anorther guys dont obey teachers maybe they dont like strictness , if some teachers strict you study that's mean they want you study better than before. of course they during many years in order to become the teacher, they study alot . on the other hand , some teachers can require your money, this is bad side for student, the students will be subjective anything , they thinks they will be fine with the tests. it's is not good for them. i think in the future the goverment will fix this bad things.
OP shaddy 17 / 47 7  
Jun 3, 2013   #4
Thank you guys...
nellylovekelly 4 / 7 2  
Jun 3, 2013   #5
"commenters" => "commentators" ^^
I agree with you. Both viewpoints have pros and cons, and teachers should have flexible method to educate the students.
In my opinion, your approach to this issue is reasonable with positive and negative angle that help clarifying your viewpoint.
OP shaddy 17 / 47 7  
Jun 3, 2013   #6

I am wondering if someone (preferably native speaker \ knowledgeable \ somehow experienced with the IELTS writing's marking criteria) from the forum could comment on the grammatical range, accuracy and vocabulary with reference to this essay. I'll be really very grateful to the person.

Actually, today I showed this essay to one of my friends and his comments has made me extremely upset.

According to him, my grammatical accuracy is very poor and vocabulary is very limited. His suggestions were; Keep the sentences simple so that you could make less errors and use only a couple of complex structured sentences. He also commented on my vocabulary that it is insufficient for band 7 IELTS.

I'm very down after his evaluation. He isn't an IELTS teacher but he has already scored band 7 in writing.

He has also given me a corrected version of the essay, if someone is interested in looking at it, I'll attach that too.

I'll wait for the reply,


nellylovekelly 4 / 7 2  
Jun 3, 2013   #7
:D Your friend is right somehow, for example the topic sentence of 1st paragraph or the follow one: "For example, talking about students if teachers do not set deadline on the classwork or assignments, no student would do it." They are not very clear.

Unfortunately, I'm an Ielts learner so I can't help you much. And I really hope that someone from the forum would correct my writing.
JangGemini 8 / 51 12  
Jun 3, 2013   #8
hey shaddy! you know a straight-forward comment is the fastest and greatest advice right? :) People sometimes say things that let you down...but their purposes are different. Your friend, maybe he somehow recognized himself (before) in your essay but unfortunately didn't know how to express his idea in the best way :) Don't be knocked down. "what doesn't kill you make you stronger" Try it again and again! I'm terribly bad at writing essay and feel inadequate when people around me are so good at it. But what else can we do? Just keep positive attitude and MOVE ON!

keep calm and hold your head high!
OP shaddy 17 / 47 7  
Jun 3, 2013   #9
keep calm and hold your head high!

Thanks JangGemini. I appreciate you for this.
JangGemini 8 / 51 12  
Jun 3, 2013   #10
You're welcome shaddy! ^^ I'm glad it helped :)

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