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TOEFL: I believe children should not learn a foreign language as they start school

Topic: do you agree or disagree: children should begin learing a foreign language as soon as they start school.

Almost every parent wants his or her children can be capable of many skills, including music, painting, and especially a foreign language. A foreign language indeed can increase children's ability to communicate with foreigners. Not only can children have a lucrative job, but also can enable themselves to go abroad to go to a better school, if children begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school. However, in my opinion, I don't think children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school. I will explain my view from three aspects: lack of basic curriculums, no time for playing with friends, immaturity for understanding complex grammars and vocabularies.

Initially, studying a foreign language indeed cost a great amount of time. Children who just begin their school can not concentrate in a long time. So their study time is less than that of teenagers. If parents want their children study a foreign language, it will cost most or all of the study time and then children will not have enough time to study the basic curriculums. The basic curriculums are fundamental for children's life, while a foreign language can not compare with the basic curriculums. Think of a child who uses most of his or her time to study French, but can not calculate basic numbers and tell fundamental knowledge such as where is the capital of his or her country. That is very useless. And I have met so many children who are the cases of above. Parents can let their children study a foreign language in an older age such as fifteen years old. I suppose that is better.

Second, children need time for playing with friends. Maybe playing is the best teacher of children. Playing teaches all sorts of experience that can not teach by teachers or parents. Who children are playing with are their friends. The friendship is children's asset of whole life. Playing and making friends all need time. However, many parents deprive the children's time for playing and making friends and let them to acquaint with a foreign language. All the children love playing with their friends instead of studying a dull foreign language. From my point of view, I think playing with friends is more important than studying a foreign language when children are just starting their school life. When a child is desperate, what help him or she is his or her friend but not a foreign language. A foreign language may let children get applauds and fame, but can not give children happiness.

Finally, language is too complex for children to understand. All the people know that if one wants to learn a foreign language, one must understand its grammars and vocabularies. These things can not easily understand by a child who does not have enough experience. Children are simply reciting the rules of grammars and vocabularies. The mountain like amount of rules and vocabularies are difficult for every people, especially children. As children are reciting the rules of grammars and vocabularies, they are forgetting them gradually to none. As a result, there is no good result for both children themselves and parents. Not everyone is a genius, and so almost of the children can not hold as many languages as their parents' hopes.

So, from my view children should not begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school.

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