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Do you believe that elderly people used to live in a better world? IELTS-task2

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Jan 8, 2015   #1
Hey guys, please have a look at my new work, Any suggestions are welcomed :)

Topic: Elderly people think that the way they spent their life was simpler and better than today. Do you agree or disagree? Provide you reasons and real life example

Changes are inseparable parts of this world which normally humans are responsible for by manipulating the environment they live in. Sometimes these changes adversely affect our lives that make elderly people think they used to live in a better world than the modern world the younger generation are experiencing. I utterly disagree with this opinion due to technological and medical reasons.

We live in an era that technology is developing in the speed of light, steering the world toward a much more convenient place. A clear-cut example that supports this idea is the invention of smart phones. The strong navigation system installed on the phones has been rescued lives of many who left alone in remote areas like forests or deserts. Moreover, some people criticize social networks as tools that have ruined true relationships and friendships by reducing face-to-face communication. In my opinion though, social networks such as Facebook could foster the ties between friends and family members who are obligatorily far away from each other by keeping them in touch, the thing that was impossible less than 20 years ago.

The phenomenal progress in medical science in the last decade was a huge achievement for human being to make the world a healthier and, thus, a happier place to live in. Today, even some disabled people with serious vertebral injuries can start doing physical activities like walking again thanks to the continuingly efforts of biomechanical engineers and neurologists. The advancement in drug delivery systems is another example that could save lives. To be specific, scientists could invent ways to lead drugs directly to the damaged organs of the body, which is a miraculous breakthrough. In general, the increase in the average age of human from 50 to around 75 years through last decades is a strong evidence to show how successful human was in medicine.

In conclusion, even though the people from older generation may claim they had better life as there were stronger bonds between family members and friends, I think they are wrong, since they judge the contemporary age through a personal prejudice. In light of the above-mentioned facts, one can easily conclude that in the current world living standards stand in a much higher level and people are in better conditions socially and physically.

Thank you in advance everyone :)
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Jan 8, 2015   #2
Excellent essay. But i suppose your essay is very long, especially conclusion is too long. So, next time try not to write so many words. I think 250-280 is enough. Good luck.

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